Resources for Earth Day and Pesach


April 22 is Earth Day, and that same evening we will enter into the festival of Pesach, season of our liberation. Here are some liturgical resources aimed at helping us connect these two holy days.

As we seek to bring ourselves anew this year out of Mitzrayim, the narrow place of constriction, may we also seek to bring our planet forth from her enslavement to human needs.

May this confluence of holidays inspire us to live out a Jewish ethic of caring for our living planet.  Kein yehi ratzon — may it be so!



A Bedikat Chametz Ritual for removing leaven [pdf] – new from Rabbi Jill Hammer

A Pesach Prayer for the Earth [pdf] – new from Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

A Seder Host’s Companion [pdf] – new from student rabbi Amy Grossblatt Pessah

Kiddush and First Cup: to Honor the Earth [pdf] – from Rabbi Jill Hammer and Kohenet Carly Lesser

Printable Freedom Seder for the Earth [link] – from Rabbi Arthur Waskow and the Shalom Center