Sefer Chadash/New Book: Calling on God, by Rabbi Pamela Frydman

Calling on God touches upon the evolution of Judaism–but much, much more:  the history of the Jewish Bible; the deep meanings of its sacred phrases–with fresh ideas for how to connect with the living God both in times of joy and times of crisis.  Rabbi Pamela interweaves threads of Judaism, Universal Sufism, and other forms of mysticism.  She offers a wide variety of Hebrew zikrs, mantras, walks and breath practices–with links to the book’s website for their related texts and audio files.  Whether you are Jewish or not, whether you pray in a house of worship, at the dinner table, or in the forests and fields, the teachings on sacred phrases in this book will offer a fresh perspective on the spiritual landscape and enrich your own personal faith journey.

Calling on God:  Sacred Jewish Teachings for Seekers of all Faiths; Rabbi Pamela Frydman (Wild Earth Press, 2012).