Shir Chadash/New Song: Heart of Compassion by Rabbi Hanna Tiferet

In the new recording from Rabbi Hanna Tiferet, Heart of Compassion, she sings:  “‘I sing from the lovelight of G!d in my heart to the lovelight of G!d in your heart and healing happens.’ With this intention, the prayer/songs of “Tiferet,” my eighth album, called themselves into being. An awesome band of world class musicians bring these 14 new melodies to life – Shulamit Wise Fairman, Eden MacAdam-Somer, Hankus Netsky, Billy Novick, Peter Tillotson, Deb Lempke, and Eric Kilburn. The Sun Is Rising, Rebirth, Anokhi, and Adon Olam Tango are some of the tunes that will open your heart to joy and healing.”

Take a listen by clicking HERE….