Renewing Renewal: Davvenen at Kallah

Spirited Davenning at the ALEPH Kallah Photo by Ann Silver
Spirited Davvening at the ALEPH Kallah Photo by Ann Silver
Spirited Davvening at the ALEPH Kallah – Photo by Ann Silver

by Mark Novak

Davvening at Kallah is always a smorgasbord of opportunities, and this year’s line-up offers some new perspectives on the prayer experience.

Imagine davvening as you hike to the summit of nearby Mount Monadnock with ALEPH Executive Director Joe Laur; or traveling to the place where Korach descended via guided meditation led by Rabbi Jill Hammer. Rabbi Shefa Gold will lead a Mincha healing service with Kol Zimra alumni, and there will be yoga, meditation, chanting, and of course, more “traditional” prayer options as well. We look forward to presenting an inspiring array of choices for everyone who attends the conference.

This is the fourth Kallah for which I’ve had the honor to coordinate the weekday davvening. In putting together the schedule I hope to strike a nice balance between different styles of leadership. I also look to give opportunities to people who have not served as leaders at Kallah before, especially students in the ALEPH ordination programs. It is encouraging when someone proposes a davvening model that allows him/her to use the service as a laboratory for something new and unique. Why? So that we keep renewing Renewal!

Mark NovakMark Novak is the spiritual guide for Minyan Oneg Shabbat, Washington, DC’s Renewal community. In addition he is a hazzan, musician, storyteller, mashpia, teacher, ritual designer, composer, playwright, son, husband, father, gardener, and baseball fanatic. He and his wife Renée Brachfeld will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary on July 4 at Kallah. Be prepared to sing Stars and Stripes forever as a niggun.  Visit Mark online and follow his blog at

ALEPH Kallah, Rindge, NH, July 1-7, 2013

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