A Rosh Hashanah greeting from ALEPH

Renewal means beginning again:
the first letter of a new crisp page
in a timeless book inscribed afresh,

Revisiting the moment before words,
each miracle heartbeat a supernal pen
yearning to ink a new world into being.

The page of the past year now turned
feeds a storied sequel poised to emerge
as composted brambles nourish new blooms.

Turn the page: this moment spirals in,
again as always and yet never as now
when world, time and spirit all merge to

Herald renewal and renew us in turn.
May this turning be sweet like honey,
beautiful as your new world soon to be.

Wishing you every joy in 5776!


Rabbi Rachel Barenblat and Rabbi David Evan Markus
on behalf of ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal