“Embodying Prayer,” the first of four residential retreats, this November

Rabbi Diane Elliot ESEB

Rabbi Diane Elliot ESEBIs movement is your first language?

Does your soul express itself most deeply and joyfully through dance and song?

Are you are longing to awaken and expand your experience of the Divine within your own body?

Embodying Spirit, En-spiriting Body, a two-year movement-based leadership Jewish leadership training directed by Rabbi Diane Elliot, begins a new cohort in November.

The first of four residential retreats, “Embodying Prayer,” takes place November 3-9, 2014, at Four Springs Retreat Center in the Napa Valley of northern California. You’ll discover the shape and dynamic of the traditional Jewish prayer liturgies of by moving them through your own body, and you’ll experience the transformative power of inviting prayer to well up from the depths of your own being.

In future retreats we’ll embody aspects of Torah, Kabbalah (Jewish mystical wisdom), and the sacred cycles of living and dying.

[R’ Diane’s] way touches and opens my heart and all of my being to such great depths, to a place where I can truly access more of my essence and authentic self and, in turn, gain more access to our Torah and liturgy….”
—Alisa Fineman, cantorial soloist

Only a few openings remain for the November retreat. Visit http://www.ruachhaaretz.com/EmbodyingSpirit.html for more information and to register.