Explore end-of-life choices and the psycho-spiritual obstacles to a ‘beautiful death’

Photo © Abraham Menashe Photo © Abraham Menashe

People have been dying ever since the world began
and yet each one of us clings to the illusion
that death is something that happens
to other people but not to us.
~Rabbi Jack Reimer

DEATH AS HOMECOMING: Life is the Answer

Sage-ing® Part Two (parts can be taken in any order)

January 18-23, 2015, at the Franciscan Retreat Center in Tampa, Florida

Photo © Abraham Menashe
Photo © Abraham Menashe

When we recognize that life is finite, we are challenged to live each moment fully and to accept the gift of our soul’s breath as our most precious commodity. Part two of our program focuses on facing our mortality and learning from it how to prioritize and redefine the values in our lives.

We may choose to BE rather than DO. We can freely choose to NOW focus on the meaning of our lives and make the adjustments that allow for that meaning to be expressed before we are faced with the “final curtain call.”

Using processes and tools that take us into the imaginal realm, we will visit the end of our life to explore medical and ethical choices and the psycho-spiritual obstacles to a ‘beautiful death’. We will encounter the Soul, and what our Jewish mystical tradition, as well as other traditions, teach us about the journey our soul takes—before, during and after this lifetime.

Each of us will write our own vidui/“deathbed confession,” and begin the process of writing a Spiritual-Ethical Will. We will take home with us the tools to update and expand both of these gifts as life continues to unfold.

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