Kallah Changes: Warm Farewell to Sally Plone



ALEPH has been engaged in a process of re-envisioning Kallah for the future, examining our assumptions, looking at what’s working well, what needs new thinking, and reorganizing both Kallah and ALEPH general staff.  As a result, the duties of Kallah Coordinator has been split between general operations staff and a new Kallah staff configuration. Sadly, Sally Plone, who has been the Kallah Coordinator for the past 4 Kallot, will not be returning in that role.

On behalf of ALEPH, I want to honor Sally for the hard work and long hours she has put into Kallah, creating sacred space and community, assembling a committed team of staff and teachers, and managing infinite details and frustration across the continent and  the years with competence and grace. Her warm smile and open heart have welcomed and touched many souls during her tenure.

Planning for the next Kallah is underway, and we will have more to share with you over the coming months.


Joe Laur

ALEPH Executive Director