Rabbis in Love

Rabbis In Love

From the Author

Rabbis In LoveRabbis In Love (amazon.com) is a book about love and what it looks like in real life. It’s about what love can look like when it’s a Jewish spiritual practice because this is a book about couples who are very much in love and one of the partners is a Rabbi.

In this book Rabbis and their spouses speak candidly about what it’s like to be married. They tell stories of how they met and fell in love and how they make their marriage work.

Rabbis in Love is mainly a book of conversations and stories. It is one thing to listen to someone’s advice about love and a very different thing to hear their stories.

From Reviewers

“Gives you a soulful glimpse of realistic and spiritually romantic ways for couples to relate. It is a warmhearted and inspiring read.”
–Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

“As Rumi says, ‘Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.’ The love stories in this book have been with us all along, yet the authors have now done the mitzvah of allowing us to join the couples they interviewed on the journey of the heart to which we all belong. ”
—Cedric Speyer, M.A., M.Ed., Clinical Supervisor of E-Counseling; Creative Director of InnerView Guidance International

“I love this book!  In strikingly non-interventional interviews, the authors have drawn from their participating rabbinic couples emotionally uninhibited and yet delicately modest dialogues that offer us all profoundly magical, cross-culturally relevant, true stories about the beauty possible between two people, committed to each other in every way over time.  It is a warm invitation, calling out to us, ‘Come on in here and hear about love!’”
Ani Meharry, Ph.D. in Psychology, author of Fourth Dimensional Relating: A New Frontier for the Couple

About the Authors

Philip Alan Belove, M.A., Ed.D., is a psychologist/coach with a specialty in relationships. His blog posts are at his website, www.drbelove.com.  He has been a relationship expert on allexperts.comfor 15 years.  He is also a speaker and workshop leader.  He now lives in Montreal and Los Angeles.

Marilyn Bronstein has been involved in Jewish Renewal for the last 30 years. She has animated groups, and explored the relevance of Judaism to our everyday lives through the arts.  She currently lives in Montreal.  www.atunement.net