Parsha Round-up: Vayeshev

Editor’s Note: We hope to compile a weekly collection of Torah gems to help you prepare for Shabbat. Below are three offerings from  Rabbis Shefa Gold, Zach Fredman and David Ingber.

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Rabbi Shefa Gold

“HERE COMES THE DREAMER,” say Joseph’s brothers as they plot his murder. “We shall see what will become of his dreams!” In this week of Vayeshev, we will look to our dreams to see what has become of them. For in following those dreams, and risking everything, the blessing of our lives may be received.

Joseph, the dreamer, knows that the troubles he encounters are sent to him by God. He knows that blessing comes disguised and it is his mission to see through that disguise, to unmask the blessing even if it takes a lifetime. Somehow Joseph is blessed with the knowledge of his own radiance. He has always known that he is loved, that he is special and that he has a rich destiny to fulfill.

What prevents us from receiving this blessing of our own shining essence? What has dimmed our radiance, belittled the greatness of our souls and obscured for us the truth of just how we fit in to the great puzzle of life?

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Rabbi Zach Fredman

Rabbi David Ingber