An intention for today’s eclipse- from ALEPH Ordination Program Senior Student Esther Azar

Boreh Olam, Creator of Eternity, It is you who allow the hidden to be revealed and the reveled to be hidden. We are living in an age of uncovering, the darkness is coming to the surface. The failing systems are being seen. On this day when the feminine and the masculine will join in this America, where the seeming duality will merge into one,  may the powers of both be joined together to bring harmony and integration to our planet. I choose this time of uncovering to allow for the breakdown of the old so that the new can shine through. It has appeared that we were living in the light but this was an illusion. An illusion that has allowed us to ignore the planet and the people that live upon it. Our fear stories have controlled us in ways that kept us from loving ourselves and following truth. Today this changes-with the emergence of this new beginning I choose love. I choose to bring my fear out of the darkness and into the light.

As the moons darkness crosses the path of the sun may the light that returns be pure. May our fears burn in its path and may we step forward as whole beings to bring your light into the world.