American Post-Judaism features Rabbi Zalman and Jewish Renewal

American post judaism
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We featured this book in last week’s Kol ALEPH, but we want you to see this review from Indiana University as well. The book contains the absolute peach of an idea that Jewish Renewal is in large part the shape of the Jewish present-day in the US, as well as the Jewish future. We agree wholeheartedly!

This review from the Jewish Journal states: “…(Author Shaul Magid) singles it out (the Jewish Renewal Movement) as the only truly American innovation: “a Judaism whose theology and metaphysics are born from America’s intellectual spiritual tradition of pragmatism, democracy, and theological pluralism. Precisely because Jewish Renewal draws on so many sources, he characterizes as post-monotheistic — an amalgam of nature religions, Far Eastern non- or polytheism, Transcendentalism, Jungean and neo-Jungean psychology combined with a strong reading of the Jewish mystical spiritualism of Kabbala and Hasidism.”

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