ALEPH’s Lay Leadership Certificate Program

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Have you considered ALEPH’s Lay Leadership Certificate Program (LLCP)? Are you curious about it? If so, please plan to meet with ALEPH Associate Director Rivkah Walton during ”The Rebbe Is In” sessions, immediately following Kallah lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Through LLCP, you will grow as an educated, empowered, and inspirational lay leader in your community. Journeying inward while journeying outward, your service in the public arena will inform – and be informed by – your inner life. In this program, you craft a mentored distance-learning and retreat-based program unique to your calling – in liturgy and ritual, social change, teaching, the expressive arts…or something not yet imagined.

ALEPH’s LLCP is designed for Renewal Jews seeking to become educated, empowered, and inspirational leaders of their communities and organizations. Through it, you may grow into your role as service/ritual leader, text interpreter, spiritual counselor, community activist, youth educator and more.

  • Larger communities may benefit from the addition of a skilled layperson who can support and assist the professional leadership.
  • Smaller communities that cannot sustain full-time rabbinic leadership may encourage one or more of their members to obtain sustaining synagogue and lifecycle skills that do not require ordination to perform.

You will craft a unique individualized program suited to your goals, chosen from ALEPH’s programs and guided by a rabbinic advisor in your community and/or ALEPH mentor, leading to a formal Certificate of Completion & Recognition.

Attending this Kallah fulfills one of the core requirements of the LLCP program, as does attending one of the qualified trainings, or any of the required Beit Midrash Distance Learning classes.

While not in itself a path to ordination, LLCP may also serve as a launching platform into the ALEPH Ordination Program, which offers professional training leading to smicha as a rabbi, rabbinic pastor or cantor. Depending on the ordination path you choose, your coursework may either establish your entry-level proficiency – or be counted as credit toward your ordination requirements.

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Bring your dreams and questions – see you at “The Rebbe Is In”!