Call for Creative Passover Images

"Miriam's Herb Garden" by Cheryl Michaels
"Miriam's Herb Garden" by Cheryl Michaels
“Miriam’s Herb Garden” by Cheryl Michaels

Submit Your Creative Passover Images by Monday, February 25 –Win $360 and wide exposure to a receptive audience!

 ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal invites fine artists, craftspersons, photographers and graphic artists to submit up to three images for potential use in our seasonal fundraising mailings and other communications. Our immediate need is for a Passover image; we may call for additional images later in the year.

If one of your images is selected, ALEPH will pay you a licensing fee of $360 for three years of exclusive, unlimited use of the image (exception made for your portfolio). It will be distributed to thousands of Renewal households and featured in our weekly e-newsletter and blog Kol ALEPH. It may also be reproduced on retail items, such as greeting cards.

Whenever your image is used, your name and contact information will be provided, including your website, if you wish.

Passover Thematic Guidelines  

The image should convey, in conjunction with a short text, an inspirational Jewish Renewal approach to/interpretation of Passover.

You may suggest a short text from the Haggadah, Exodus, Hallel, Song of Songs, modern Jewish poetry, or other applicable Jewish source, or may use one of the following examples:

  • I carried you on eagles’ wings [and brought you to Myself]. —Exodus 19:4
  • Remember the day you left Egypt all the days of your life. —Deut 16:3
  • The place where you are standing is holy ground. —Exodus 3:5
  • Out of my straits I called upon Yah; Yah answered me and set me free. —Psalms 11:5
  • Let all who are hungry come and eat. —Haggadah

Strong images that read clearly from a mid-distance as “mini-posters” will be given preference.

Technical Guidelines

Preferred Formats        tiff, .psd, .dng
Acceptable Format       .jpg
Mode:                            CMYK preferred
Resolution                     300 ppi minimum – higher encouraged
Orientation                             Portrait
Final Cut Size               5.5 x 8.5”
Full Bleeds                     25” minimum
Margins                         75” top, left & bottom to accommodate text; .25” on right
Notes: Two texts will be overlaid on image – on lower right; Liturgical/biblical quotation in left and/or top margin(s). (See attached example)

RELEASES: If chosen, photo releases must be available and furnished upon request for any recognizable individual. Exceptions:

–      This rule is not generally applicable to street photography.

–      Participants in ALEPH’s biennial Kallah gathering have signed photo releases on file.

Do not include any releases with your entry – they will only be requested if your work is selected.

SUBMISSION: Submit up to three entries electronically to Rivkah Walton at as attached files. Compress the files, if necessary.

In the body of your letter, include the following information:

Your name

Daytime phone number & best times to call

Time zone (North American or GMT+)

Website, if applicable

Mailing address

File name(s)

Image caption(s) or title(s), if any

Use as the subject line of your submission:  Passover Image Submission – [your name]

DEADLINE: To be considered, submissions must be received by 8:00 am Eastern US Time, Monday, February 25; however, the committee reserves the right to choose a compelling image before the deadline.

PROCESS: You will receive acknowledgement of your submission within one business day. If your image is selected, you will receive a contractual letter by 5:00 pm ET, Wednesday, February 27, which must be returned within 24 hours.

BACKGROUND: ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal infuses ancient Jewish wisdom with a modern, egalitarian and socially progressive consciousness. We envision a joyous, creative, spiritually rich, socially progressive, and earth-aware contemporary Judaism. This vision arises out of our search for a renewed personal connection to the God of our ancestors and the legacy of our tradition, in service of our highest dreams for the future of our world. We are a non-profit organization. For more about Jewish Renewal, see

You need not be a member of ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal to participate. If you know anyone you think would be interested in this project, please pass this announcement on!