More thoughts on Mitzvot (From Harry Zeitlin’s blog, Insights and Torah)

Posted on June 6 2013; from the blog Insights and Torah by Harry Zeitlin.

r harry zeitlinWhile it makes sense that, as finite beings, we can’t fully observe or understand the infinite levels, effects and implications of mitzvot, each of which are elements of the Infinite Torah, garments, as it were, of the Infinite God, we can be aware and can acknowledge that mitzvot are, indeed, infinite.  Some mitzvot have, among their array of effects, more impact in the world we do have access to, including the realms of the physical, emotional, mental or that tiny slice of the spiritual we can perceive.  Others have so much more impact in realms so far beyond our senses that it becomes difficult to apprehend, and easy to forget, that they also impact our material world.  Read More.