Welcome to the New Kol ALEPH!

A New Kol ALEPH- Watch This Space!

The high holidays are upon us. I always relish this time, as the summer colors shift into autumn hues, I’m made aware how quickly the seasons fly by, how every moment, every person, every relationship is to be cherished, right now.  I’m reminded how critical it is for me to be the best ME I know how to be, to return, and return again to my highest, deepest, broadest self, and to stand in awe before the One from that place.

ALEPH and Jewish Renewal also is called to be the highest, the deepest, the broadest movement we can be to serve the Jewish people and the whole planet.  With our new website, and its social networking tools and features, we will be able to reach our people better than ever, not just to tell them about what ALEPH is doing, but to engage each other in discovering and creating what we truly want.

Our Lay Leadership Program has been launched, providing a path for leaders of all stripes to step up in their communities and their lives.

Eco-Judaism, an Old/New Paradigm is launching under the Ruach HaAretz umbrella this fall for clergy and students in ALEPH’s ordinations program and other seminaries.  Land, food, and spiritual life have always been interwoven for our people, and this two year course will imbue traditional teaching with contemporary environmental sense and sensibility.

As part of our digital re-do, we are relaunching Kol ALEPH as an online news and information place for Renewalites with the latest news, articles and poetry and prayer sent weekly to our lists as an email digest, with  a link to the full pieces online.

So watch this space for news about our Lay Leadership Program, next summer’s Kallah, upcoming intensives in EcoJudaism, chant leadership, and embodied prayer; ongoing classes, personal passages, and much more. And we welcome your contribution too! If you’ve written a prayer, poem or article that you think will lift our community, please send it to me at director@aleph.org. Kol ALEPH is a living news site by and for our community.


Ahavah ‘v brachot: Love and blessings,

Joe Laur

ALEPH Executive Director