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Translation of Eikha by Rabbi David Seidenberg

Rabbi David Seidenberg has published a variety of resources for Tisha b’Av at his website Among those resources is his translation of Eikha (Lamentations), which begins: Eikhah! How can it be – that she sat alone the city so great / so swelled with people? She was like a widow. The one great among […]

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Vancouver BC

Rabbi Wanted: Or Shalom Synagogue, Vancouver, BC

Or Shalom Synagogue Rabbi Wanted Job Posting Or Shalom of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada seeks a rabbi to lead our creative, egalitarian, traditional and participatory 36 year-old congregation. We seek a rabbi with five qualities that we believe to be most important to us: The ability to inspire: a leader who can engage and ignite the […]

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And it came to pass that Zalman said to Shlomo: “You reach for the heart and I’ll tackle the mind.”

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The 70+ Faces of Reb Zalman

A video montage of photos of Reb Zalman prepared for his 75th Birthday.

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The Three Weeks: shedding old forms by Rabbi T’mimah Ickovits

One of the things which challenges me about this time on the Jewish calendar is that sadness and mourning seem to be encouraged. There is a tendency to dwell in pain, as if the pain and discomfort were the final goal. These (northern-hemisphere) summer months are a time of transition. These Three Weeks mark the […]

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green world

Psalm for the Three Weeks by Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

Psalm for the Three Weeks   It is easy to offer praises when all the world is green and gold, when the thrush trails off and on, at ease, for long sweet minutes. Oak and birch and maple once ravaged by caterpillars have grown new leaves, pale like spring through the crescent moon now waning […]

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The Three Weeks: Is all earth today our holy temple? by Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Today I write from the perspective of the planetary climate crisis, the scorching of our Mother Earth, the choking of what was the balanced Breath of Life, our atmosphere. Our ability to pay attention to the climate crisis seems always to be drowned out by the blood of war; but the scorching of our planet […]

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17 Tamuz: What walls must come down? by David Markus

In the Northern Hemisphere, with July’s summer glory comes a gradual shortening of days and autumn’s distant approach. The almost imperceptible turning of summer’s light hints of another turning – a turning inward that heralds the slow approach of the High Holy Day season. This first hint appears in the summer sky, with the coming of 17 Tamuz, and in […]

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Thoughts before 17 Tamuz by Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

Dear friends, On Tuesday, July 15, many Jews will observe Tzom Tamuz, “the fast of Tamuz” — one of Judaism’s minor fast days, commemorating the breach of Jerusalem’s city walls which led (three weeks later) to the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans in 70 C.E. I say “many Jews” because I know […]

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Remembering Reb Zalman


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