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Elul: Psalm 27 as translated by Reb Zalman

Psalm 27 David’s. Yah! You are my light. You are my savior. Whom need I dread? Yah, with You as my strong protector who can make me panic? When hateful bullies gang up on me, wanting to harass me, To oppress and terrorize me, they are the ones who stumble and fall. Even if a […]

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Elul: Letting Go – Hatarat Nedarim by Rabbi Laura Duhan Kaplan

Hatarat Nedarim, absolution of vows, is a recommended preparation for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, the day of “turning over a new leaf.” One person asks three others to act as their bet din, religious court, and witness their confession of unfulfilled promises along with their declaration of good intent.  This ritual helps a person enter […]

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Join ALEPH for the People’s Climate March, NYC, September 21

Join ALEPH, our NYC affiliate Romemu, our friends from The Shalom Center and Hazon, and over 850 other partnering organizations for the historic People’s Climate March in NYC on September 21. The month of Elul is a time of tshuvah and selichot, return and forgiveness, and a perfect time to make amends with our green […]

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Elul: a Selichot prayer by Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

Petition   Compassionate One, remember we are Your children help us to know again that we are cradled during these awesome days of changing light we want to return to Your lap, to Your arms     remind us how to believe that we are loved not for our achievements but because we are Yours as […]

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Elul: T’shuvah, the spiritual practice of return, by Rabbi Marcia Prager

According to Jewish tradition it is customary to blow the Shofar from Rosh Hodesh (the New Moon) of the month of Elul until the day before Rosh Hashana so that the people will be aroused to prayer and t’shuvah. T’shuvah literally means “return.” Spiritually “return” is a process of re-alignment with the Divine Presence within us and around us, and with family and community. (essay […]

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Elul: Facing the Music by Rabbi Shefa Gold

The new month of Elul is almost upon us… This is the season to know our own song, to allow the echoes of our thoughts, words and actions of this past year to ripple through us, awakening knowledge and power for the song that is yet to be born. In “facing the music,” I hear […]

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Chicago at night

Makom Shalom in Chicago Seeks Spritual Leader

Seeking a spiritual leader, working with us part-time, to inspire and creatively lead our community into a new chapter.

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Remembering Reb Zalman cover

Remembering Reb Zalman Tribute Journal

The digital publishing of the Tribute journal is lovingly sponsored by Zisha and Zahava Gold.

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Stepping Down as ALEPH’s Executive Director in January

“Passing the Torch”
I will be leaving the post of Executive Director early next year. I am going to move on to other professional interests, and simply take my place as an ALEPH rabbinic student at the feet of our wonderful wellspring of teachers.
I am looking forward to helping the ALEPH Board in the search for the next Executive Director, and I will support the transition with enthusiasm.

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“The Emerging Cosmology” – Transcript of Reb Zalman at HH the Dalai Lama’s Roundtable

Aired publicly for the first time at the Remembering Reb Zalman event Sunday, August 17, 2014, this address is an excerpt from an unpublished manuscript, “The Emerging Cosmology”

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