Bequests from Beloved Community

Left: Rabbinic Pastor Andy Gold z''l. Right: Mrs. Darla Newman z''l.

May their memories be for a blessing…

ALEPH wishes to honor the legacy of Rabbinic Pastor Andy Gold z’’l and Darla Newman z’’l, both beloved members of the Jewish Renewal community, for their recent generous bequests to ensure a vital, transformative community for the next generation. ALEPH’s Executive Director, SooJi Min-Maranda says this type of forethought from community members leaves a lasting legacy that empowers the growth of Renewal to reach even more Jews searching for a more meaningful and personally relevant Jewish experience. “We are deeply grateful for these remarkable gifts, which will support ALEPH as we continue to grow and evolve,” Min-Maranda said.

A long time resident of Fayetteville, Arkansas, Darla Newman practiced family law, and spent many years working with Legal Aid. She was an annual participant in ALEPH’s Kallah and was also a sustaining donor since 1996. Inspired by the Jewish Renewal movement, she devoted her time, energy, and finances to the founding and support of Fayetteville’s Temple Shalom where she served several years on its board of directors, holding officer positions, including President and Treasurer. Her other interests included music, dancing, and hosting large meals for family and friends.

Originally from New York City, RP Andy Gold uprooted to New Mexico where he made his home for the next fifty years. There, he developed a profound wisdom from immersing himself in the natural world. He also became deeply spiritual while living on the mountain in a forest, for which he became a fierce protector. RP Andy studied a number of spiritual traditions, receiving his ordination as a maggid and one of the first ever rabbinic pastor ordinations from Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi z’’l. He became deeply involved in the Jewish Renewal movement, particularly in the realms of ecuminism and interfaith peace and unity. As a teacher, he infused his practices with music and chanting. He recorded a selection of chants in Hebrew and Arabic, entitled “The Unity.” To support himself and the expansion of consciousness, he founded the Rose Mountain Retreat Center on his own land. For over thirty years he provided a wide range of retreats during the summer. Before his passing, he donated his land to Rose Mountain so that it could continue serving into the future. Along with his bequest, he directed that his tombstone include his deepest wish for the world: “Please be kind to each other.”

Both individuals will be fondly remembered for many reasons, including the legacy they left through planned giving. Their gifts speak to the generosity of our Jewish Renewal community—a long standing tradition of tzedakah that you too can carry forward to make a lasting impact. The future of American Judaism is happening now, and ALEPH is poised to lead the next generation. To learn more about how you can support the next iteration of Renewal Judaism, visit our website. If you are interested in making a legacy gift or bequest, please contact SooJi Min-Maranda, Executive Director at