2013 ALEPH Annual Report

Some “facts and figures” highlights for 2013

  • Total Contributed Revenue: $398,993
  • Total Earned/Program Revenue: $1,399,572
  • Total Revenue: $1,798,565
  • Total Expenses: $1,744,114
  • Net Surplus: $54,420
  • Number of ALEPH members: 5,253
  • Affiliated Communities: 45
  • Kallah 2013 Attendance: 615
  • Established an ALEPH Endowment Fund with $25,000 seed money
  • Launched the T’rumah Financial Aid Fund with $30,000 in start up funds
  • Garnered over 1,100 likes on our Facebook page
  • Reached a new high of over 32,000 reads of our Kol ALEPH blog

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The calendar year just finished, 2013, was a year of growth and development for ALEPH, getting ourselves organizationally ready to meet the challenges of renewing Renewal for coming generations. As we enter into the 90th year of life for our spiritual founder, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, ALEPH is preparing to lay the groundwork for the next 90 years of Jewish Renewal.

The “renovation work” we did in 2012 began to pay benefits in 2013. ALEPH General Operations, Ordinations, and Beit Midrash all returned an operating surplus, and all other programs except Kallah broke even. This financial success enabled us to launch both an an endowment fund and to provide seed funding for a financial aid system for students in need across ALEPH programs. We are moving toward a completely unified budget, further breaking down organizational silos, realizing operational efficiencies, and  growing a truly unified ALEPH Alliance.

Funding from generous donors Judith and Jack Lief, along with proceeds from an investment enabled us to fund a Communications position, first held by Noach Dzmura, who helped us through the period ramping up to and immediate following Kallah. This position was then re-envisioned, becoming what we are calling “Director of Engagement”, helping us to engage new audiences,  integrate our communications and tell our story in a compelling way to an expanding audience.  Shir Yaakov Feit is now filling that role for ALEPH, and you will see his handiwork on the new look of Kol ALEPH, in our mailings and brochures, and in many places throughout the organization.

kallah crowdThe 2013 Kallah was a great success programmatically and in our fund raising. We had over 600 Jews make this year’s pilgrimage north to Franklin Pierce University, to learn with over 40 teachers from around the world, to pray, sing, dance and lift our souls to the tunes of world class musicians and spiritual leaders, to rekindle old friendships and make new connections.  Fundraising at Kallah brought in over $79,000 to the ALEPH coffers, which despite an operating loss at Kallah of around $24,000, helped us end the fiscal year with a surplus. This surplus allowed us to invest in critical areas for our programs and our ling term financial security.

With funds garnered from a mature long term investment, and from a portion of our operational surplus, we have been able to set aside funds to begin an endowment fund, to support ALEPH’s operations for decades to come. In Reb Zalman’s 90th year, we will be making a push to our members and supporters, to help build this fund through additional donations, legacy gifts, and bequests. Our goal is to put ALEPH on sound financial footing for the next 90 years.

In addition, we launched our T’rumah Financial Aid Fund, to help support those who participate in our programs through direct financial aid. Through a modest registration fee on all programs and course, and earmarking a percentage of operating surpluses and contributions, the T’rumah Fund seeks to ensure that no one is turned away from an ALEPH program for purely financial reasons.

We have also approved a change to our bylaws, shifting our fiscal year 2013-14 to end July 31st, rather than September 30th, so that we avoid the combined rush of the Yamim Noraim, the  High Holidays , and closing our books at the same time.  This shift helps with our general planning calendar, as we can prepare budgets for the next fiscal year a little earlier, to have them ready for review at our January face to face meetings of our Board of Directors.

We have begun a restructuring of our Kallah and General Staff, which will be implemented in 2014, enabling us to serve our members better and spread Jewish Renewal further out into the world.

Our fundraising for FY 2013 its goals, raising nearly $400,000 in contributions, roughly 22% of our 1.8 million dollar budget. We held our expenses down, enabling us to report an overall operating surplus of nearly $55,000. We have reached a record 5,253 individual members in ALEPH! Our year-end fund drive for 2013, for the third year in a row, set a new record, not only matching a $10,000 challenge from our Board of Directors, but exceeding the challenge by over 300%, raising over $30,000 for both general operating needs and our new T’rumah fund. In other words, our membership not only matched, but more than tripled the leadership gifts!

ALEPH Programs and Projects

ALEPH Kallah

Photo: Talia Arbisser

Each Kallah has it’s own magic, and this Kallah, held on the Franklin Pierce University lakefront campus in Southern New Hampshire was no different.

With  615 people in attendance from all over the world, many of these first-timers, the 2013 Kallah made a huge impact on many.  Time after time, people told of joyful, poignant, and transformational moments that will last a lifetime.  Though they could likely fill a book, here are just a few snapshots:

— Walking to breakfast and passing circle after circle of people davenning… some meditatively by the lake, other joyfully with chant, drum or in movement… many who never davven found themselves drawn to morning davvening and inspired to try something new each day.

— Parents were thrilled that their children were fully engaged in their own retreat experience, finding joy in community, Judaism, and pushing their own boundaries, whether it by performing for the entire Kallah, or climbing a mountain.

— Classes became mini-communities of people engaged in intense learning and spiritual growth.

— This Kallah provided powerful opportunities for the weaving of generations, with beautiful ritual as well as (maybe you could add a bit here)

— Always a treat at Kallah is the abundance of talent!  Evenings provided opportunity for music, dance, film and even magic! –

—Shabbat at Kallah brings such a powerful culmination to the week….hundreds of people garbed in white, euphoric davvening and a spirited banquet dinner complete with excited conversation, lively singing and table-pounding well into the night

— Each day, the sense of community grew as people met and shared more experiences.  A group of individuals came together from the corners of the earth and left as part of a tribe and family.

— The power of the week was reflected in the closing circle, the spirit, gratitude, community, joy and open-heartedness in the tent was palpable!

“…if you’ve opened your loving to G!D’s loving, you are helping people you don’t know and have never met…” –Rumi. On Kallah’s closing day, a teacher said  “you have no idea how many people’s lives have been transformed forever because of this week”… We can’t know exactly, but we can guess its a very good number! Planning is already afoot for the 2015 Kallah.

Planning for Reb Zalman’s 90th Birthday

Reb Zalman will turn 90, G!D willing, in August of 2014, and a planning team is forming to developing a series of celebrations during the days of Reb Zalman’s birth. He has a Hebrew birthday, of course, 17 Av, which is August 13, 2014. His English birth date is August 17th, and his legal birth date- the day his birth was registered in Poland in 1924, is August 28th. Of course, in true Reb Zalman fashion, he celebrates all three dates! We will be planning  local events, online events, and a large celebration in Boulder, Colorado over these “Days of Awesome!” Stay tuned.

Beit Midrash

The Rainbow Library, 2011 © Peter PuklusIn fiscal year 2012-13, the ALEPH Beit Midrash offered seven distance-learning classes, including, by popular demand, a new summer term extension of “A Walk Through Siddur.” In Fall 2012, Rabbi Daniel Siegel, ALEPH’s Director of Spiritual Resources, offered a Continuing Education course for OHALAH members on Integral Halachah. Beit Midrash made both Reb Zalman’s newest books and many of his classics available at the 2013 Kallah Shuk – including two ALEPH exclusives. Beit Midrash continues to sell Renewal resources through the aleph.org and alephcanada.ca catalogs, with a major overhaul of offerings and outlets expected in 2014. Watch for our new release of the definitive edited version of Reb Zalman’s “Psalms in a Translation for Praying,” in a beautiful format in early 2014.

ALEPH Canada

This year Raanan Mallek, M.J.Ed. was appointed by ALEPH Canada as the new Associate Director.  Raanan has replaced Noam Dolgin who will be joining the ALEPH Canada Board of Directors.  A warm thanks to Noam for his work over the past year.  So far, Raanan has reached out to the Renewal Communities in Canada and assisted Noam with the Winter 2013-14 ALEPH Canada Fundraiser for which a $5,000 matching donation has been obtained.  Response so far has been encouraging and volunteers are communicating that they want to help with the planning of ALEPH Canada retreats.

The Miriam Fisher Scholarship was used this year to help individual students and to also facilitate the creation of the first ever ordination program class especially for Canadian students to learn together.   This opportunity for Canadian students and community leaders is a required course that serves as a first exposure to the major Codes of Jewish Law. Including our one “foreign” student from California (and the course affectionately renamed “Codes for Canucks plus One”), we studied two themes beginning with Talmudic references and continuing through Maimonides, the Tur, and the Shulchan Aruch. The students came from Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver.

With the financial assistance from ALEPH Canada, Rabbi Daniel Siegel, Rabbinic Director of ALEPH Canada, continues to develop new spiritual resources via his blog on the http://rabbidanielsiegel.com/ website.  Approximately every two weeks, he shares his thoughts about specific prayers and texts, which can be downloaded and used by subscribers and visitors. Recent posts have included topics such as the halachic status of converts, why we pray, sacred economics and other themes.  This past year, Reb Daniel’s larger projects included working on a booklet for conversion, further development of Siddur and Machzor Kol Koreh, and other smaller projects. A special thank you goes to ALEPH Canada’s Board of Directors who has made this a successful year through many hours of volunteering and leadership.

ALEPH Ordination Program

Smicha_28A9580The ALEPH Ordination Program accepted one of our larger entering classes this 2013 year… welcoming 7 new rabbinical students, two new cantorial students, and two new rabbinic pastor students… bringing our enrollment up to 54 rabbinic students 14 cantorial students, and 7 rabbinic pastor students.  The Hashpa’ah Program completed its 3rd cohort in 2013, and enters cohort 4 with 18 new students. Rabbi Dr. Leslie Schotz was the first ALEPH student to earn a D.Min., focusing on hashpa’ah, from New York Theological Seminary as part of our joint program with them.  We now welcome Rabbi Nadya Gross as incoming Director  of HASHPA’AH and Rabbi Shawn Zevit as incoming Associate Director. Rabbi Shohama Wiener, the Program’s Founding Director and Director for the first three cohorts, will remain on the Training Faculty, and continue to serve all the ALEPH Ordination Programs as Rosh Hashpa’ah.

Eight students completed their studies in 2013, and they will be awarded their smichas at the Ordination Ceremony on Jan 12th 2014:

  • Bella Bogart, (rabbinic)
  • Hannah Dresner, (rabbinic)
  • Cynthia Hoffman, (rabbinic)
  • Hannah Nathans, (rabbinic)
  • Aura Ahuvia, (rabbinic)
  • Cindy Freedman, (cantorial)
  • Leah Frey-Rabine, (cantorial)
  • Joni Brenner (rabbinic pastor)

We entered 2013 with our gala Ordination Ceremony, now traditionally on the Sunday preceding the annual OHALAH conference. On January 13, 2013 six new Renewal clergy received their smicha.  ALEPH welcomed two new rabbis, three rabbinic pastors and one hazzan into the cadre of ordained Renewal leaders.

In addition OHALAH member Rabbi Keven Hale, a graduate of RRC, was awarded a smicha from ALEPH and Reb Zalman in recognition of further studies and in acknowledgement of his contribution to Jewish Renewal..

2013 Ordainees:

  • Rabbinic Pastor Larissa Faith Blechman
  • Hazzan Shulamit Wise Fairman
  • Rabbi Hannah Ableman Laner
  • Rabbi Elyse Seidner-Joseph
  • Rabbinic Pastor Patrice Audrey Spitz
  • Rabbinic Pastor Sandra Gail Wortzel

The Ordination Program continues to grow and evolve, offering new courses, embracing new teachers, and reviewing policies and approaches in order to continually refine our performance and fulfill our mission. We have initiated a comprehensive budget review process designed to appropriately increase remuneration for VAAD members and faculty, and offer a more long-range view of the growth needs of the Program. Phase one of this review process was completed Fall 2013.

The Ordination Program Student Board has become an even stronger voice for students and has most productively collaborated with the VAAD on several significant matters pertaining to the success of the Program. The new, comprehensive Student Handbook, for instance, is a joint project that is in its final phases of review preceding being put on line.

Our coordination with the Beit Midrash Program has brought enhanced collaboration and an increase in the number of applicants and students who are taking Beit Midrash courses, both as mechinah-level preparation, and as for-credit courses.

ALEPH Hashpa’ah Spiritual Direction Program

The HASHPA’AH Program will be certifying and ordaining its third cohort of 13 in January, 2014. For their final year of training as Mashpia/Spiritual Director they focused on working under supervision with individuals and with groups. Rabbi Dr. Leslie Schotz was the first ALEPH student to earn a D.Min. focusing on hashpa’ah from New York Theological Seminary as part of our joint program with them. Our fourth Cohort begins in January, 2014, with Rabbi Nadya Gross as incoming Director and Rabbi Shawn Zevit as incoming Associate Director. Rabbi Shohama Wiener, the Program’s Founding Director and Director for the first three cohorts, will remain on the Training Faculty, and continue to serve all the ALEPH Ordination Programs as Rosh Hashpa’ah.

C-DEEP/Kol Zimra Chant Leaders Program

Shefa and Twins 12-13
Kol Zimra Director Rabbi Shefa Gold and future chant leaders.

2013 was a wonderful year for C-DEEP. Kol Zimra has doubled its capacity, by adding a new cohort in Mendham, NJ. Kol Zimra 5 will graduate 11 new leaders in January, and 25 participants in Kol Zimra 7 are half way through their training. Recruiting had begun for  the new cohort, KZ7, which will begin in July 2014,  and CDEEP has found a new home for  New Mexico trainings in Santa Fe, NM. This new home has already hosted 2 Alumni retreats, with rave reviews from students about the location, facilities and especially the food!

With the publication of Rabbi Shefa Gold’s new book, The Magic of Hebrew Chant: Healing the Spirit, Transforming the Mind, Deepening Love (Jewish Lights, 2013) the work of C-DEEP and its community of dedicated students is spreading. R Shefa was  invited to teach at the Reform Biennial this year in San Diego, and her workshop drew more than 100 participants. Reb Shefa continues to travel extensively, teaching about ALEPH  Alliance for Jewish Renewal and promoting its programs.

The ALEPH Sage-ing® Mentorship Program

Part One  “Wisdom of the Heart” was taught by Sage-ing® Mentors, Vatikim/Elders, Rabbi Richard Simon and Annie Klein, two graduates from the First Cohort of our Mentorship Program, as “Becoming Sages as We Connect with the Divine Within and Around Us” at the Kallah, July  1-7 2013 at Franklin Pierce University, Rindge, New Hampshire.

Rabbi Shaya Isenberg and Bahira Sugarman, Co-Founders and Co-Directors of the program, are scheduled to teach Part One as “Sage-ing in Beauty:  The Joys and Oys”  at Ruach HaAretz Retreat “M’lo Chol Ha’Aretz K’vodo: The Beauty of Creation and the Creation of Beauty”  July 7-13, 2014 in Canby, Oregon.

Rabbis Victor and Nadya Gross, Co-Directors, taught Part Two, “Death as Home Coming: Life is the Answer” on end of life issues, in Tampa, Florida, January 27-February 1st, 2013, which Rabbi Shaya Isenberg and Bahira Sugarman attended along with Co-Director Lynne Iser. The Grosses will once again offer this course January  19-24, 2014 at the Franciscan Retreat Center in Tampa Florida.

Part Three, the certification part of the ALEPH Sage-ing® Mentorship Program, includes two retreats at the beginning and end of the program. Both Part One and Two are required to apply for Part Three.


A Second Cohort for Part Three began October 20-25 2013. There are 12 students attending this intensive study coming together from Colorado, California, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Brazil and Israel.

Those studies continue throughout the year, meeting four additional times via teleconference, meeting monthly in chevruta, meeting with faculty advisors and engaging in community projects.

One of the three tele-course sessions, co-taught by Rabbi Shaya and Rabbi Victor Gross, has already been offered, focusing on Jewish and other sources for Sage-ing®.  A fourth tele-course will focus on community issues, to be taught by Lynne Iser.

The Final five-day intensive for Graduation Week is scheduled for October 19-24, 2014. Students will present their community projects and teach us all for a time of ever deepening learning. Faculty will also present cutting edge work in progress.

The First certified Cohort of ALEPH Sage-ing® Mentorship Program that Graduated October 2011 — Rabbi Ori Har DiGennaro, Rabbi Malka Drucker, Lois Felder, Annie Klein, Rabbi Richard Simon, Dr. Charlotte Sutker, Maggid Ellen Treibwasser — are all engaged in consciously continuing on their Sage-ing® journey in their communities and most are offering workshops on the Sage-ing® process.

Embodying Spirit, En~Spiriting Body Retreats

Embodying Spirit, En~Spiriting Body successfully completed its first round with the last of four retreats, “The Spiral Dance.” At the end of that retreat, on November 9, 2013, twelve participants from the first cohort were presented with certificates of completion (Te’udot Shleymut) in a joyful ceremony marking the end of the two-year program.

eseb1Over the course of four retreats (November, 2011 – November, 2013), a total of 18 retreatants—all women in this cohort—participated in the program, which was staffed by lead teacher and program creator Rabbi Diane Elliot, joined by guest teachers Latifa Kropf, Rabbi Ori Har, Simona Aronow, Julie Leavitt, and special mentor Rabbi Leah Novick.

During this past year, participants experienced embodied approaches to Torah, to Kabbalah, and the life cycle ritual. They co-created Shabbat morning services and each presented three projects, including an embodied approach to their birth parashiot from the Torah; an in-depth exploration through movement of one (or more) of the sefirot comprising the kabbalistic Tree of Life; and a ritual marking a major transition in their own lives. In addition each participant studied in chevruta in between the retreats and participated in teleconference study sessions with the teachers, as well as individual sessions with Rabbi Diane.

Participants have described the program as “transformational” and “life-changing.”  They are now bringing this work, channeled through their own beingness, to communities up and down the west coast, as well as in Florida and the Netherlands. One lay leader, just finishing up a long career as a professor of literature, offers these words to describe the outer and inner changes in her life during the course of the program:

“Two years ago I was feeling exhausted from work and from the lingering of a long book project that never seemed to find closure. I was waiting for responses from a press…. Engaged in lay leadership, I found it hard to express my longings and needs in the arena of holy service. Now, I have become more proactive, more confident, and more creative in service preparation and movement classes related to Torah and sacred dance…I have been dancing more and gardening more. Davenning every morning, I am calmer, fuller, quieter, more able to be in service. I am empowered as a woman, as a dancer, as a leader, as a “rav.” I am opening to new possibilities in holy service. I am so grateful.”

Another participant writes:

“I have become freer, less afraid, less constrained, my body feels better, I’ve lost 15 pounds, I feel more confident about who I am and what I should be doing…My relationship with G~d is closer, more embodied, less fraught with anxiety and trying to do a correct davennen or prayer on my own. We have a love relationship now.”

An ALEPH rabbinical student reports:

“So much has changed, and I can say the minute I said “yes” to this program, the change started. I’ve moved from Ashland to Vancouver to Sebastopol, started rabbinical school, and am on the precipice of starting an earth-based embodiment-oriented minyan. I’ve become more myself. My relationship to my body and my body image – my self-esteem and the choices I make to encourage health and well-being, have really stabilized. I feel more wholeness, joy in sensation, and inner freedom.”

Finally, from an artist, therapist, and member of the European Renewal community from a Holocaust family:

“I feel more confident, “in the flow,” able to trust inner knowing when to speak, when not to speak and “embody” what I say – alive to the moment too. I feel empowered, inspired, affirmed, appreciated, and received…. more elegance, more presence, more receptive and more sensitive. More acceptance, less struggle. More “with-nessing, “ spiritual, more trust.”

Tikkun Olam Activities

Reb Zalman Flood Fundraiser

By AlmanacManiac (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
By AlmanacManiac (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons
Who by flood? On September 9th, 2013, rain started falling in the Boulder Colorado region, and did not stop until over a week later on September 16th, after over 17 inches of rain had fallen in the area. Over 9 inches fell just during the day before Yom Kippur. These were “days of awe” of biblical proportions as 4 died, thousands had to be evacuated, hundreds of homes, commercial buildings and 150 miles of roads were damaged or destroyed in what was termed “1000 year rains”.  Among the damaged homes was Reb Zalman’s, which suffered extensive flooding to his basement offices. Fortunately, most of the damage was repairable, and ALEPH, along with the Yesod Foundation, launched a campaign to raise funds to ameliorate mold and damage, and restore Reb Zalman’s prayer room and offices. The campaign was wildly successful, raising over $48,000 for the portion of repairs not covered by flood insurance, a rarity in Colorado. The repairs are nearly complete, and any monies remaining will be used to support Reb Zalman’s work and to help others in need in the Boulder area.

Newtown and Sane Gun Legislation

Following the horrific shootings at the Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Connecticut, ALEPH and OHALAH issued  a joint statement in support of stricter, saner gun legislation.

Voting Rights Act

ALEPH supports the OHALAH Resolution About the Decision of the United States Supreme Court Concerning the Voting Rights Act of 1965

Defense of Marriage Act

ALEPH also supports the OHALAH Resolution About the Decision of the United States Supreme Court Concerning the Defense of Marriage Act

Women Of The Wall

ALEPH continued to support the work of Women of the Wall, co-hosting with OHALAH a conference call for leaders in the Jewish Renewal movement with Anat Hoffman.

Affiliated Communities and Havurot Worldwide

ALEPH affiliated communities



Ruach Hamidbar-Spirit of the Desert (Scottsdale/Paradise Valley/Phoenix)


B’nai Horin/Children of Freedom (Los Angeles)

Chadesh Yameinu (Santa Cruz)

Chochmat HaLev (Berekeley)

The Elijah Minyan (San Diego)

Shir HaYam (San Diego)

Kehilla Community Synagogue (Piedmont)

Shir Hashirim Minyan (Berkeley)

Makom Ohr Shalom (West Hills)


Nevei Kodesh (Boulder)

Pardes Levavot (Boulder)


Congregation P’nai Or of Central Connecticut (West Hartford)


Temple Adath Or (Davie)

Or Ahavah (Lutz)


Makom Shalom (Chicago)


Am Kolel (Beallsville)

East Bank Havurah (Baltimore/Central Maryland)


B’nai Or Boston (Boston)


Congregation Shir Tikvah (Metropolitan Detroit)

Pardes Hannah (Ann Arbor, Michigan)


Congregation Neve Shalom (St. Louis)


Congregation Beth Shalom (Bozeman)


Havurah Or Ha Lev (Long Valley)


Congregation Nahalat Shalom (Albuquerque)


Romemu (New York City)


Temple Or Olam (Concord)

Yavneh: A Jewish Renewal Community (Raleigh)


Havurah Shir Hadash (Ashland)

P’nai Or of Portland (Portland)


P’nai Or (Philadelphia)


Havurah P’nai Yisrael (Charlottesville)


Congregation Eitz Or (Seattle)


Shaarei Shamayim (Madison)



Temple Emmanuel (Sydney)


Jewish Congregation of Brazil — Chavurah Al Sfat ha-Yam (Rio de Janeiro)


Or Shalom (Vancouver)

Beth Jacob Synagogue (Regina)


Ohel Hachidusch (Berlin)

Beth Avraham (Munich)


Nava Tehila (Jerusalem)


Jewish Community of Huanuco Beith Etz Chaim-Peru


Ruach Havurah (London)

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Abbe Lyons & Stacy Snyder
Abby Michaleski
Abigail Hirsch
Abraham & Idelle Wolf
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Adele Zagofsky
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Ellen Rusinow Foust & Jeffrey Foust
Ellen Stromberg
Ellen Triebwasser
Ellen Weaver
Ellie Goldenberg
Elyse & Kenneth Seidner-Joseph
Elyssa Joy Auster
Elyssa Joy Auster
Emily Davis
Ephraim Guttman
Eric Cohen
Eric Teitel & Eloise Jackson
Erica Katz
Erica Messinger & Jason Hays
Estelle Frankel & Stephen Goldbart
Esther Azar
Ethelind Wiener & Rene Deleeuw
Etiel Herring
Eugene Fleischman Sotirescu
Eva Neuhaus
Eva Sax-Bolder
Evan Krame
Evie Cohen
Eyal Levinson
Felicia Mednick
Fern Feldman & Karen Barad
Fran Avni
Fran Goldberg
Franca & Jeremy Rawitz
Francene & Timothy Orrok
Frieda Marshall
Friends and Family of Shulamit Fairman
Gail Albert
Gail Tishman
Gary Charlestein
Gayanne Geurin
Gaylia Rooks
Gemma Kwantes
Geoffrey Groux
George Glauberman
George Mordecai
Gerald Serotta & Cindy Arnson-Serotta
Gideon & Shula Weisz
Gilah Langner
Gilson Schwartz
Gloria Krasno
Glorya Hale
Gordon Fuller
Greg Wolfe
Greg Yaroslow
Gregg T Campbell
Gregory Metzger
Hal & Diana Feiger
Halley & Ruth Anne Faust
Hanna Chusid & Marek Buchwald
Hannah & Jeffrey Laner
Hannah Dresner & Ross Andelman
Hannah Nathans
Harold & SanMiller-Jacobs
Harriet Hinda Growick
Harriet Schley
Harry & Janet Heifetz
Havurah Tiferet Boulder
Haya Leah Molnar
Hazel & Stanley Silverberg
Heena & Steve Reiter
Heidi and John Farkash
Helena Foster
Hendi Bogart
Henny Feldman
Henriette Herzfeld
Herbert & Janice Cooper-Levy
Herbert Landy
Hillel Goelman & Sheryl Sorokin
Holly Hawkins & Philippa Gamse
Howard & Susan Weiss
Howard Menaker
Ida Unger
Idelle Hammond-Sass
Ileanah Carazo
Ina Bachman
Inette Dishler
Irene & Eric Seff
Iris Markham & Michael Roblee
Israel & Felipe Grytz
Itzhak & Dalia Vardy
Ivan & Raqib Ickovits
Jack & Denise Sturmwind
Jackie & Leon Olenick
Jacqueline Brodsky & Ross Albertson
Jade Netanya Ullmann
Jalda Rebling
James Sell
Jan Mack
Jan Salzman & Loredo Sola
Jane & Edward Rabin
Jane Pollner & David Blumenstein
Janet Neufeld
Janet Novins
Janice Rubin
Janice Steinberg & Jack Cassidy
Janie and William Hodgetts
Jason & Belle Mann
Jason Appt
Jawxillion Loeb & Sophie Miron
Jay Weinstein
Jeanette Perkins
Jeanne Rosen
Jeff & Ana Levy-Lyons
Jeff Roth & Joanna Katz
Jeffrey & Denise Levine
Jeffrey & Vickianne King
Jeffrey Kessler
Jeffrey Mazur & Jackie Rosenbloom
Jeffrey Meyers
Jeffrey Schulman & Susan Alnes
Jenni Levy
Jennifer Coburn
Jennifer Cohen
Jennifer Katz
Jennifer Krueger
Jennifer Singer
Jeremy Borouchoff
Jeremy Parnes & Chris Dodd
Jerry Kudan
Jessi Roemer
Jessica Leash & Jonathan Trachtenberg
Jessica Schwartz
Jessica Shimberg
Jill Swartz & Michael Goldstein
Jim Brule
Jo Elen & Harold Gidish
Joalie Davie
Joan & Harold Burstyn
Joan Cooke
Joan Robins
Joan Rosenwasser
Joan Werner
JoAnn Crown
Joanne & Bernard Spitz
Jody Kessler
Jody Schneiderman
Joe Lukasik & Jennifer Hirshorn
Joel & Laura Segel
Joel & Toby Yan
Joel Levin and Fern Levin
Joel Schenk
Jon Gottsegen
Jonathan Furst
Jonathan Pearlroth
Jonathan Rose
Jonathan Zasloff
Joni & Israel Brenner
Jonnie Zheutlin
Jordan Goldson
Jorian Schutz
José & Esther Amarante
Joseph Glick
Joseph Greenberg
Joseph Kottler
Joseph Laur
Joseph Py & Jane Sloven
Joseph Sheppard
Josh Schlossberg
Joshua & Daria Jacobs-Velde
Joshua and Michal Samuel
Joy Gordon
Joy Krauthammer
Joyce & Robert Herman
Joyce Finks
Joyce Rosen Friedman & Lev Friedman
Judi Dash
Judith & Jack Lief
Judith & Jonathan Wouk
Judith & Mitchell Feinstein
Judith & Steven Abrams
Judith Beltz
Judith Dack
Judith Danzig & Gershom Visco
Judith Goleman
Judith Hankin
Judith Kaye & Bruce Phillips
Judith Kummer
Judith Lyons
Judith Vanderryn
Judy Barokas
Judy Brown & Henry Shonerd
Judy Gotlieb & Neal Brodsky
Julie & Anthony Pitz
Julie Bloom & Richard Balaban
Julie Danan
Julie Dean & Scott Deetz
Julie Leavitt & David Schwartz
Julie Litwin & Shelley Sella
Julius Rabinowitz & Ellen Shapiro
Juna Madrone
June Torrance
Karen & Eric Crane
Karen Dresser
Karen Gomberg
Karen Redgreene
Katharine & Alan Cahn
Kathleen Bartelmay & Roger Perilstein
Kathleen Cully
Katyah Gohr
Kehila Chadasha
Kellie & Jess Scheer
Ken Rosenstein
Keren Chaya Carter
Kerry Swartz
Kevin Hale & Ruth Ever-Hale
Kim Lerner & Carolyn Whiteman
Kit & Naomi Hall
Laen Hershler
Laine & Joel Schipper
Lainey Feingold & Randy Shaw
Lance Laver
Latifa & Peter Kropf
Laura Duhan & Charles Kaplan
Laurent Sayada
Laurie Lazar
Laurie Reisman
Leah Frey-Rabine
Leana Moritt
Leigh Ann Dillinger
Leigh Evans
Leila Gal Berner & Franna Ruddell
Leslie Schotz
Lesly Benditsky
Lewis Copulsky & Doreen Clark
Libby Bottero
Libby Brateman
Lilian Nigri Moszkowicz
Lillian Goldberg
Linda & Albert Gross
Linda & Gerry Owen
Linda & Richard Greene
Linda Fredericks
Linda Friedman & Jill Bulmash
Linda Jo Doctor & Elliot Ginsburg
Linda Meretsky
Linda Motzkin & Jonathan Rubenstein
Linda Tobin & Stephen Pepper
Linda Zweig
Lisa & Tom Mitchell
Lisa Levine
Lisa Levine
Lisbeth Ornstein
Lloyd Morgan
Lois Felder
Lois Pia Rosenfeld
Lori Fenner
Lori Klein & Irene Reti
Lori Kurtz & Renee Faught
Lori Shaller
Lorri & Andy Danzig
Louis and Charlotte Sutker
Louise Wannier
Lucinda Kurtz & Oran Hesterman
Lucy Rebecca & David Kushner
Lynda & David Danzig
Lynn & Jay Stein
Lynn & Ron Stock
Lynn Feinberg
Lynn LeRose & Ed Gardner
Lynn Taylor & Peter Thacker
Lynna Schaefer
Lynne Haber
Malka Drucker
Marc & Paulina Labowitz
Marc Soloway
Marcia Lane
Marcia Weisberg
Margo & Ethan Lowenstein
Margo Drucker
Margo Wolfson
Margot & Paulo Neuhaus
Maria Robinson
Marian Rosen
Marie Dieringer
Marilyn Bronstein
Marilyn Peril
Marina Bers
Marion Klein
Mark Elber & Shoshana Brown
Mark Novak & Renee Brachfeld
Martha Utchenik
Marthajoy & Kenneth Aft
Martin & Carol Bloch
Martin & Shelli Rawlings-Fein
Martin Kessel & Beverly Rich
Martin Manley
Mary Blye & Bobby Kramer
Mary Claire Blair
Mary Ellen Movshin
Mary Kostman
Mary Linda & Arnold Schwarzbart
Matia Angelou & David Osmond
Matt and Melina Ponak
Matthew & Rebecca van der Giessen
Matthew Klein
Matthew Levitt
Maureen Phillips
Maury & Joyce Hoberman
Maxine Fraade & George Blanar
Meira & Andrew Chmiel
Meira & Howard J Sumka
Melissa & Scott Benson
Melissa Kahn
Melissa Mizel
Melvin & Susan Zwillenberg
Meryl & Michael Joblin
Mia Cohen
Michael & Patty Melnick
Michael Ehmann
Michael Getty
Michael Hurewitz
Michael Nulty
Michal Mivasair
Michal Rubin & David Reisman
Michele Tamaren
Michelle Berlin-Lowe & Robert Lowe
Mimi Oliver
Mindi Cohen & Paul Zeitz
Mindy Novick
Mindy Rudell
Miranda Nadel
Miri Fleming
Miriam & Stanley Schiff
Miriam Chaya Charney
Miriam Stampfer
Miryam Levy
Mishka Luft & Bob Weissberg
Monica Fuchs
Monique Dorfschneider
Morton Brooks
Moshe Waldoks
Myles & Sheri Cohen
Myra Weiner & Irving Newman
Myrna & Barry Rabinowitz
Nadav Eric Sklar
Nadya & Victor Gross
Nahariyah Mosenkis
Nancey Kasse
Nancy & Jay Handwerger
Nancy & Richard Klavans
Nancy Blood
Nancy Katz
Nancy Scott
Nancy Snyder
Naomi Cartwright
Naomi Saks
Neil Brill
Neil Markowitz
Neysa Nevins
Nicole Frank
Nikihanna Baptiste
Nina Lacey
Noam Sender
Norma Walton
Ora Arlene Weiss
Ora Simcha Cynthia Hoffman
Ori Har & Oz DiGennaro
Orna Ariel Lenchner
Oscar Rosenbloom
P’nai Or Philadelphia
Pamela Frydman
Pamela Marks & Michael Mininsohn
Pamela Wax
Patrice & Glenn Spitz
Patricia Frankel
Patricia Gibbs
Patricia Hickman
Patricia Minors & Thomas Nicholson
Patricia Raskin
Patti Jacobson
Patti Sheinman
Paul Buch
Paul E. Oppenheimer
Paul Sakol
Paula Feinstein & Marilyn Greenberg
Paula Freedman & Jeffrey Marker
Paula Nelson
Paula Popper
Paulette Rochelle-Levy
Peggy Davis
Peggy Jacobs
Peggy Kasden
Peter Sultan
Philip & Susan Schwarz
Philip and Lori Barer
Phyllis & Peter Gingiss
Phyllis Berman & Arthur Waskow
Phyllis Spisto
Prahaladan Mandelkorn
Priscilla Minkin
Raachel & Stephen Jurovics
Rachel & Morris Barer
Rachel and Henry Barenblat
Rachel Anne Hersh
Rachel Gurevitz & Suri Krieger
Rachel Hovne
Rachel Oriel Berg
Rachel Rosenbluth
Rachel Wortzel
Rachmiel Langer
Rahmaneh & Tomas Meyers
Rain Zohav
Randall Miller
Randi Stein
Raphael Finkel
Ray MacLachlan
Raye & Sheldon Isenberg
Rebecca Gould
Rebecca Woolis
Regina Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 81
Rena & Michael Leizerman
Rene Rose
Renee Shapiro & Mimi Rhys
Reuben Modek & Judith Roses
Reuven & Yehudit Goldfarb
Rev. Stacy Lukatch Grove
Rhoda & Nathan Miller
Rhonda Shapiro-Rieser
Rhonda Wainshilbaum
Richard Backer & Will Verbits
Richard Kaplan
Richard Kessler & Marian Eisner
Richard Simon
Richard Wolff & Janel Carino
Rick & Nicol Eisenberg
Rita Karuna Cahn
Rivkah Coburn
Rivkah Walton
Robb Gordon
Robert & Sally Freedman
Robert Esformes
Robert Katz & Elana Amsterdam
Robert Schloss & Emily Sack
Robert Teicher
Roberta Rosenberg
Robin Barratt
Robin Winburn-Woll
Robyn Newhouse
Rochelle Marshall
Ron Feldman
Rona Kravitz Klein
Ronald Kreisman & Roberta De Araujo
Rosalyn Becker
Rosane Esquenazi
Ru Wing
Ruth & Cecil Hershler
Ruth & Robert Goldston
Ruth Alcabes
Ruth Broyde-Sharone
Ruth Gan & Michael Kagan
Ruth Rosenblum & Marc Zeitschik
Ruth Seagull
Sabrina Sojourner
Sally Plone
Sally Thorne and Mary Adlersberg
Sam Hersh Weintraub
Samantha Libby
Samuel & Barbara Mason
San& Kenneth Wortzel
Sandi Caplan
Sandy Pond
Sara & Mitchell Levine
Sara Becker
Sara Caspi
Sara Hollander & Robert Macrae
Sara Schwebel
Sarah Beck-Berman
Sarah Fife
Sarah Leah Grafstein & Steven Klemow
Sarah Rosensweet
Sarah Tovah Taub
SaraLeya Schley
Scott Hahn
Scott Reiter
Seaside Jewish Community
Seth Fishman & Anna Kitces
Seth Oppenheimer
Shalom & Deborah Flank
Shalom Schachter & Marcy Gilbert
Sharda Miller & Martin Gross
Sharon & Andrew Williams
Sharon Berkowitz
Shawn & Simcha Zevit
Shaya Isenberg & Bahira Sugarman
Shayna & Frank Eli Lester
Shayndel & Clifford Kahn
Shayndel Sheryl Adler
Shefa Gold
Sheila Katz
Shelli & Rick Angel
Sheri & Martin Levson
Sherril Gilbert
Shifrah Tobacman & Ruth Atkin
Shimon & Nechama Gottschalk
Shimon ben Horin
Shir Yaakov & Emily Feit
Shira Michael
Shira Shaham & David Siegel
Shirah Apple
Shlomtzion Shaham
Shohama Wiener & Alan Dattner
Shoni & Phillip Labowitz
Shonna & Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin
Shoshana Fershtman
Shoshana Jedwab & Jill Hammer
Shoshanah Devorah
Shula Stevens & Robert Calmann
Shulamit & Ralf Thiede
Shulamit Fagan
Shulamit Sofia
Shulamit Wise Fairman
Sidney Sperberg
Simcha & Rayzel Raphael
Simcha Daniel Burstyn & Eliza Mayo
Sonia Haimes
Stacey & Craig Oshkello
Stacey Bhaerman & Adam Shapiro
Stacey Siepmann
Stanley & Lynda Levy
Stanley Friedman
Stephanie & Jack Aaron
Stephanie Cohen
Stephanie Tiv’ona Reith & Henry Werch
Steve and Mary Klaper
Steve Berns
Steve Gold
Steven & Jeanne Marcus
Steven & Linda Silvern
Steven Glass
Steven Kirschner
Steven Margolin
Steven Weiner & Robin Bezark
Stuart Leeder
Stuart Sklar
Sue & Howard Morningstar
Sue Gurland & Mark Wasserman
Sue Salinger
Susan & Maurice Bloch
Susan Albersheim & Steven Barer
Susan Alterman & Eric Wilson
Susan Becker
Susan Katz
Susan Landsman
Susan Linn & Clifford Craine
Susan Mitrani-Knapp
Susan Polsky Shamash
Susan Raskin Abrams
Susan Riesel & David Horwitz
Susan Saxe & Moon Smith
Susan Windle & Wendy Galson
Sylvia Kruger
T’mimah Ickovits
Tammy Lianu
Temple Beth El of City Island
Terri Zweig
Terry & John Walsh
Terry Gips & Annalee Wolf
Terry Rabinor
Tobie Hoffman
Toby Kramer
Tova Indritz
Trudi DeGrazia
TZipi Radonsky
Uziel Weingarten
Veronika Kisfalvi
Vivienne Cato & Ivan Koppel
W. K. Kellogg Foundation
Wayne & Ellen Dosick
Wendi & Michael Shook
Wendy Berk & Aryae Coopersmith
Wendy Caspe-Katz
Wendy Herschman
William & Barbara Fairman
William & Melissa Carpenter
William & Trudianne Dolman
William Sweeney
Wynd Harris
Yael Linda Schiller & Steve Robins
Yehuda Erlichman
Yehudi Lindeman
Yeshaya Ballon
Yocheved Mintz
Yona Shahar
Yonina Andrea Foster
Yoran Elkaim
Yosi Weintraub
Yovel Rachael Johns
Zalman Schachter-Shalomi & Eve Ilsen
Zina Schiff
Ziva Moyal & Peter Wengert
Zoe Faivre