ALEPH is Here For You – A Message from SooJi Min-Maranda

Emunah or trustworthiness. I’ve been thinking a lot about emunah lately. What does it mean to fully trust yourself? What does it mean to fully trust each other? At the essence of this middah is showing up.

ALEPH has worked hard to show up for you in countless ways over the past year. We hosted 76 virtual programs for 1,771 participants. We welcomed 17 new students into the AOP and ordained 10 new clergy members. We also brought in 17 new Kesherites into our third cohort of Millennial Fellows.

In countless ways, ALEPH has been here for you. And again, in countless ways, you have been there for us. In all ways we are ever grateful.

We want to continue showing up for you. Please consider a year-end gift today as 2022 is going to be a big year for ALEPH.

Let’s Celebrate
The ALEPH Ordination Program (AOP) will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2022. We will be celebrating (safely) throughout the year and hope you’ll be there to celebrate with us.
Let’s Honor
Rabbi Marcia Prager will be stepping down as the founding Dean of the AOP after 30 years of service and Rabbi Steven Silvern also is retiring as the AOP’s Associate Dean. There will be many tributes large and small over the next year in their honor.
Let’s Gather
After canceling the 2020 Kallah, we are (cautiously) moving forward with a Kallah K’tanah (mini-Kallah) at Colorado State University from Wednesday evening, July 6 though Sunday morning, July 10, 2022. With extraordinary caution due to ongoing concerns about the pandemic, we are capping registration for now at 150 attendees. Be sure to sign up to gather with us when registration opens towards the end of January 2022.
Let’s Believe
We believe in all that renewal Judaism makes possible. As ALEPH Board member Rabbi Jeremy Parnes says, “Jewish renewal lives on the edge of society in the Midbar/the Wilderness, the place of possibility. In Torah it was where a nation, without borders or neighbors, learned, through experimentation and bitter experience, how to be a covenantal people, an example to the nations of the world, before they entered their land.” We hope you’ll partner with us to harness the power and possibilities of renewal Judaism.

P.S. More than anything, please know that ALEPH will continue showing up for you in countless ways. Trust that ALEPH will be here for you. Consider making a gift to ALEPH today.