Healing Harvest

from the High Holy Days


co-created by Rabbi Diane Elliot’s Friday Healing Circle, 10-2-20

Blessings of Forgiveness and Renewal

I forgive myself as I forgive others—

my heart open enough to hold both.

I take Refuge in the Ever Present Presence—

and wine is also good.

Toxic air and the beauty of the birds—

my heart open enough to hold both.

Holy connection

doesn’t require physical proximity,

so I hope, always hope,

for a sweeter year

no matter what life brings…

the unknown, 

moments of self-forgiveness and love,

I embrace it all, 

fruits still ripening,


Seeing beauty, 

painted rocks, blue skies, yellow leaves,

love is renewed,

I return to self-compassion.

Then my compassion for others

flows freely into

loving magical connection

with sacred friends—

even on-line.

Holy connection doesn’t require

physical proximity.


inner Malkhut, 

the majesty and dignity within,

finding and feeling my center.

The joy of birds at the lake

awakens awareness of

my lifelong quest

to listen—

to the authentic voice of my body,

integrating the past and allowing

a path forward,

appreciating the challenges and gifts

from my parents and grandparents,

how important to connect with family,

friends, community,

to be held in Jewish community and practice,

at-ONE-ing, ehaD! wHOLY Heart yuD ehaD, 

forgiving and receiving ahavaaaaaaaa



will be 

what Yah will be.