Shabbat Shalom from Kallah 2018!

At the opening ceremony on Monday night, I welcomed more than 500 beautiful souls from all over the country and abroad, to my first ALEPH Kallah. Again, I shared how I had been heavy of heart as the Kallah was approaching. I didn’t want the outside community to think that Kallah was a retreat from the real world. Instead, I challenged us to make Kallah an opportunity to co-create a sacred community that is not like the one that we have today but the kind of community that we see ourselves becoming. To be a kind of community that is not about what we want but a community that focuses on what our souls need.

And it’s messy. This is all still kind of new to me. Everyone has been so welcoming, gracious and kind. While I’ve found it easy to open my heart to many, there are some who I am not able to let in.

I also realized that as the days passed, I had become more than a little off-kilter. I happened to mention this to none other than Rabbi Geela Rayzel Raphael, who then proceeded to cleanse my aura. Because what else would you do to balance your energy?

Thankfully, Shabbat is approaching. And it’s no ordinary Shabbat. We’ve opened up our services to the entire Pioneer Valley local community. Three congregations will be joining us. Together, we will receive our additional souls and collectively turn inward.

I can almost hear my soul my soul sigh. For when we say Shhhh, when we quiet our minds and really listen, our souls say Ahhhh.

With gratitude,