A Woman’s Journey of Transformation in Israel: Roots of Shechinah, Branches of Peace

Trip Announcement from long-time Renewal rabbis Geela Rayzel and Sarah Leah:

Dear Women of Jewish Renewal,

The time has come to return the Shechinah to Zion.  Reb Sarah Leah and Reb Geela Rayzel, two Jewish Renewal rabbis, have put together an Israel trip to bring to light the path of the Divine feminine. In the origins of Jewish renewal, Reb Zalman respected the contribution of the many female leaders offering their talents and creativity to the emerging new paradigm of consciousness.  For many years, hearing women’s voices as full participants in Jewish life was new, and Jewish renewal helped foster and support those female voices.

This trip will elevate the wisdom of those Divine feminine offerings to a “deeper and higher level” in the setting of Israel. We have a four worlds approach to this trip, and will experience the Earth, Air, Fire and Water of the land. By tasting (literally) the many cultures, both Jewish and Arab, we will foster understanding across the divide. The underlying mission of this journey also embodies peace and we will find ways to connect to this holy work of deep ecumenism. Throughout the tour, we will sing Jewish renewal favorites, and bring a heart-felt mission of healing to our tour.  Please see the link below for more info:


Israel journey Photo 2

DISCLAIMER: While some of our friends in the ALEPH Community personally endorse this trip, ALEPH, in posting this trip announcement here, is not endorsing the trip nor has ALEPH undertaken any investigation into the details of the trip, the itinerary or the accommodations being provided.