Rabbi Hannah Dresner featured in Sh’ma

The latest issue of Sh’ma is themed around Dayenu | דַּיֵּנוּ‎ – It would have been enough.

This issue’s Ni’shma page features the voice of Rabbi Hannah Dresner, who serves Or Shalom in Vancouver, part of the ALEPH Network. Rabbi Hannah was ordained by ALEPH as a rabbi, a mashpi’ah (spiritual director), and a dayan. She writes:

…The Sfat Emet (Reb Yehudah Leib Alter of Ger), teaches that in seeing ourselves as having participated in the Exodus, we must imagine emancipation from our own narrow straits, in an ever-occurring deliverance. Just as the Torah received at Sinai was an extension of the biblical redemption, so, too, “the redemptions of the future will be followed by quests into unknown territory, as we search for the new paths that will be created.” (Sfat Emet 3:86)

In other words, we must do everything in our power to work toward liberation from the bondage of our time…

Read her whole piece, along with words from Rabbi Zoë Klein and Alicia Svigals: http://forward.com/shma-now/dayenu/365484/nishma-dayenu/