Thank You For Supporting ALEPH Through The Years

Dear Hevre,

It is no coincidence that Chanukah, the Jewish festival of lights, takes place almost simultaneously with the Winter Solstice, the celebration of the transition from the darkness of Winter into longer days of more light. After the Winter Solstice, small bits of daylight begin increasing, a little more each day, bringing with it more light and energy into our lives, a little bit at a time. This is not disimilar to the slowly increasing light of the Chanukah menorah, as we add a candle, and therefore more light, each night.
Shoshanna R. Schechter-Shaffin
As we approach the end of the secular year, we’re awed and humbled by the exciting things happening here at ALEPH. We are so very grateful to all of you who have supported ALEPH through the years. As you approach your end-of-year giving, we hope you’ll keep ALEPH in mind and help us build on what this year has contained.

Yes! I want to climb the ladder

IN THE LAST YEAR (2016/ 5776), WE HAVE:

  • Sent our board co-chairs, board members, and Executive Director from coast to coast, from New York to Vancouver and a dozen places in between, on our international ALEPH / Jewish Renewal Listening Tour, during which we heard from hundreds of people about what Jewish Renewal has meant for them and about their dreams for ALEPH’s and Jewish Renewal’s future;
  • Held a smashingly successful ALEPH Kallah, during which some 500 participants joined us in Fort Collins, Colorado, for a week-long “Hilulah!” — a celebration of the joys of Jewishing — for participants who came from across the United States and Canada, Europe, Brazil, Israel, and Australia;
  • Welcomed an extraordinary class of new talmidim (students) into the ALEPH Ordination Program;
  • Continued to grow the ALEPH Network, a network of communities and congregations, nonprofit organizations, and individual artists, teachers, and scholars who are renewing Judaism with their innovative, heart-centered work;
  • Been recognized by the Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah as three of ALEPH’s programs — Clergy Camp, the Davvenen’ Leadership Training Institute, and Embodying Spirit, Enspiriting Body —were selected as semi-finalists for the inaugural Lippman Kanfer Prize for Applied Jewish Wisdom;
  • Received a matching grant from NewCAJE which will enable us to pay a translator to begin translating Reb Zalman’s work into Spanish as we bring Jewish Renewal to Spanish speaking communities and the Global South;
  • Welcomed a record international enrollment of 64 rabbis, cantors, rabbinic pastors, ALEPH Ordination students and lay leaders into the Davvenen’ Leadership Training Institute, touching the entire denominational spectrum of Jewish life;
  • Shared a variety of liturgical resources, poems, prayers, and more on Kol ALEPH;
  • Continued to offer our heart-opening and soul-expanding programs, among them (in addition to the programs we’ve already mentioned above) C-DEEPEducating for Spirituality, and Sage-ing Mentorship;
  • And expanded our partnerships with other organizations doing the holy work of renewing Judaism.

Yes! I want to Help Continue Reb Zalman’s Legacy


  • Release Renewing Renewal, our report from the ALEPH / Jewish Renewal Listening Tour, sharing wisdom gleaned from hundreds of in-person conversations, focus groups, zoom videoconferencing meetings and more, and articulating visions for the future;
  • Engage in a process of strategic planning, to ensure that ALEPH’s future is bright, vibrant, and meaningful;
  • Expand Tikshoret, our program of affordable, easy-access online courses featuring a variety of incredible leaders and teachers, soon to re-launch with an exciting new digital learning platform and a fantastic roster of teachers;
  • Launch the ALEPH Network Communities Council, connecting ALEPH Network members around the globe and empowering them to help shape the ALEPH they most want and need;
  • Hold a successful and meaningful Ruach ha’Aretz retreat at Stony Point retreat center in upstate New York, featuring great classes, uplifting davenen, and meaningful community connection;
  • Launch Faces of Renewal, a new web series sharing glimpses of the exciting work being done to renew Judaism in our day;
  • And continue to offer our existing successful programs even as we midwife new programs into being.

Donate to the Past. Make a donation to honor Reb Zalman’s memory. When you look back in time, what has ALEPH brought to your life?Donate to The Present. What do ALEPH and Jewish Renewal mean for you now, in your life today?
Donate to The Future. Support the next generation, and join us in celebrating the knowledge that ALEPH and Jewish Renewal will continue into the future.

If you have already made a 5777 gift  to ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal, thank you for your ongoing support. Help us go from strength to strength.

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Present & Future of Renewal Judaism


Wishing you every blessing,

Shoshanna Schechter-Shaffin


Executive Director
ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal

Rabbi Rachel Barenblat


ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal