Reb Zalman’s Ladder

5776 was an extraordinary year at ALEPH for a lot of reasons — most especially the 2016 ALEPH Kallah. Here’s what one participant had to say after coming home from Kallah:

“My heart and spirit will always hold onto the endless learning and priceless deeply spiritual experiences I had at Kallah!  It left me with a deep sense of spirituality—grounding and simultaneously uplifting. It was like a dream, and could not have been possible without your incredibly kind mitzvah – I received enough financial aid to be able to attend.  I will ensure that the experiences gained will impact thousands of others—as I impart what I learned within the communities with which I work. With a heart FULL of Gratitude!” — LL

This past summer at Kallah we launched a new sustainability campaign we’re calling Reb Zalman’s Ladder. This campaign serves the holy purpose of sustaining the legacy of our beloved Reb Zalman z”l and carrying forward the work of renewing Judaism in our day through the innovative programs of ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal.

We offer our deepest gratitude to those who have already begun climbing Reb Zalman’s ladder. At Kallah we raised well over $100,000 — what an amazing beginning to our collective ascent! We are writing now to ask each of you to join us in climbing Reb Zalman’s Ladder.

  • Chai donors ($18,000) help us to keep Reb Zalman’s legacy alive.
  • Sefirot donors ($10,000) help us to expand the reach of Renewal through all emanations.
  • Five Books of Torah donors ($5,000) help us to support ALEPH’s educational programs.
  • HaBonim donors ($3,600) help us to build toward the next turning of Jewish Renewal.
  • Nefesh donors ($1,800) help us to sustain the work of ALEPH that impacts so many lives.


Of course, we welcome donations of any size. If you’re not able to donate at these levels, we are grateful for whatever you’re able to give.

Donating before the new year primes the pump of shefa (abundance) and bracha (blessing) for the year to come. Please join us on Reb Zalman’s ladder, and help us to keep Reb Zalman’s legacy alive and perennially renewed.

Wishing you blessings in the journey toward 5777,

Shoshanna Schechter-Shaffin
Executive Director, ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal