One Precious Hour With Reb Zalman z”l on Shemini Atzeret

Enjoy over one hour reviewing the High Holidays and preparing the body to dance the Hakafot.

Includes a shuir on the piyut “El Mistateir” Plus, Reb Zalman reading and interpreting the Torah.

Originally recorded in 1985 and remastered in 2015.

Enjoy a sample track by clicking on the link below.

shmeni atzeret video

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Track Listing
00:00 High Holiday Musical Reprise
05:43 Kiddush for Shmini Atzeret – “You’re a child of the Universe!”
07:40 Counterclockwise Movement
11:08 Checking Out the Spiritual Seed for the Next Year
12:50 Gratitude and Giving Credit
14:05 Sefer Yetzirah Introduction
17:38 God Creates the World with a Book, a Scribe and a Story
22:52 Organicity Gets Us Into the Ten Sefirot – Reb Zalman’s Translation of “El Mistateir”
23:24 Keter
24:15 Chochmah
26:53 Bina
29:50 Hesed
31:17 Gevurah
33:13 Tiferet
35:27 Netzach
36:25 Hod
37:54 Women as Archetypal Figures: Miriam, Leah, Chanah, Rivka, Sarah, Tamar, Rachel
38:46 Yesod
39:29 Malchut
40:14 Hazak
40:40 “I still don’t get Hod”
45:29 “That’s exactly what Simchas Torah is about.”
45:45 Torah Service: Reb Zalman leynen Shemot (Exodus) 23:14 through 24:11
56:12 Mizmor L’David and an Introduction to Yizkor