Pesach Prayer: Miriam’s Cup, by Rabbi Sue Mauer Morningstar

Miriam Cup, Amy Klein Reichert, Cast and hammered silver, 1997
Miriam Cup, Amy Klein Reichert, Cast and hammered silver, 1997

We raise this cup to celebrate the legacy of Miriam:
holy prophet, compassionate protector,
graceful healer and midwife, giver of life and water,
whose miraculous well followed the Children of Israel
throughout our wanderings in the desert.

We celebrate the freedom of women
in this particular place
at this particular time,
to sing out to God in joy,
with full, strong voices
with timbrels and dance
and without fear.

In the merit of our singing foremothers
Miriam, Channah, Devorah, Serach bat Asher, the Shulamite
and the women who came out to greet King David…

In the memory of our bubbies,
many of whom did not enjoy and could not even imagine
the freedoms we take for granted today…

And in humble recognition of our sisters
in repressive religious regimes around the world today
who are not free to sing out and to worship God in joy, we say:

The time for silencing women is over!
Sing out to God a new song!
שׁירוּ לה’ שׁיר חדשׁ!

בְּרוּכָה יָה שְׁכִינָה אֵם כּל חַי שֶׁהַכּל נִהְיֶה בִּדְבָרָה
Brucha Yah Schechinah eym kol chai shehakol nihyeh bidvarah.
Blessed are you Holy One, mother of all life: everything exists by your words.