Omer counting app from Rabbi David Seidenberg

Rabbi David Seidenberg of NeoHasid has collected, curated, and created a wide variety of Omer resources. He hosts an Omer widget which can be added to any website or blog, as well as recordings of several different melodies for “Ana BeKhoach,” traditionally sung after the counting of the Omer.

For those who use technology to remind them to count each day, there’s also an Omer counting app, available both for iPhone/iPad and for Droid, in both free and paid versions.


For each day of the Omer, the app shows which quality the Kabbalists connected with that day, as well as a quote related to that quality and links to more about counting and what it means.

Learn more on the NeoHasid website, or get the app directly from the iTunes store (Apple version) or from the Droid link on the NeoHasid website (Droid version).