Merging Hebrew Typography and Dance

Typogaga Aleph

Embodying the Hebrew Aleph-Bet

This video hybrid of a dynamic font and improvisational dance, set to evocative electronica by The XX, absolutely makes my day. Best viewed full screen:

The inspiration for the project is the Gaga technique — a dance improvisation technique, whose principles were applied to the Hebrew alphabet and used to investigate the structure of the Hebrew letters and their Boundaries. The project outcome is a dynamic font, challenging the common conventions in font design.

I wonder if this will become a part of the curriculum in Diane Elliot‘s Embodying Spirit, Enspiriting Body? I’ll certainly be showing it to my Vessels of Light Hebrew class. It calls to mind the work of Alef Beit Stretch and the Torah Yoga of Diane Bloomfield.

Check out more of Israeli graphic designer Maayan Kra-Oz’s work on Behance.