Celebrating Civil Liberties!

Gay_flagALEPH is happy and proud to celebrate a historic victory for civil liberties! The Supreme Court of the United States struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (specifically, the part that defined marriage as possible ONLY between  persons of different sexes) and California’s Proposition 8, which prevented same-sex couples from legally marrying. The Supreme Court of the United State blog analysis reported that, “the rulings were issued just two days short of the forty-fourth anniversary of the famous Stonewall riots, the first uprising of homosexuals to assert their claims to equality in America, outside a bar in New York’s Greenwich Village.  Those riots are regarded as the dawning of the gay rights movement.” The SCOTUS Blog entry really clarifies what the court did–and did not–accomplish with these rulings.  We’d also like to shout out to Keshet, whose tireless work in this area has paid off in celebration today.  We bless this day, one step closer to liberty and justice for all, while at the same time we remember that, as Dr. Martin Luther King said, ‘No one is free until we all are free.”