Eco Mezuzahs for Earth Day


“The fullness of the earth is G!D’s glory!”

Next Monday is not an official Jewish holiday, but perhaps it should be, especially for Renewal Jews. Earth Day focuses our attention on the conservation of Creation, on our relationship to the land, waters, air and  all creatures. The practice of EcoKashrut invites us to pay attention to what we do to our air, water, soils, and the fellow creatures that share this blue-green globe with us. The largest of our environmental problems are not from a single source, but many small daily actions. Conversely, small daily actions can help reverse the trend.

We use reminders to keep us on our Jewish path. Tzitzit, tefillin, and  mezuzot remind us in our busy comings and goings to walk the derech -way- that we aspire to. So why not weave an environmental message into our “touchstones for right action”?

boxed mezuzah

Wonderland -Art is partnering with ALEPH to bring beautiful natural mezuzot into Jewish Renewal homes everywhere. These mezuzot are handcrafted from fallen birch and aspen trees in northern Wisconsin, re-purposed into artful objects that point to the Source of all Creativity and Renewal. You can also find mezuzah project kits to custom craft your won unique creation, as well as tzedakah boxes and challah boards crafted from the same woods.

eco m project

40% of all sales goes to support ALEPH’s Kesher program, to bring young leaders to Kallah and empower their work in Renewal communities. Any ALEPH member who makes a purchase from Wonderland Art will help support the next generation of leadership for Renewal. ALEPH Communities can also use this vehicle for raising funds locally.

To purchase a mezuzah or other natural Judaica re-purposed from G!D’s own creation, visit Wonderland Living .

Be sure to select ALEPH as the organization you are supporting, and Yom Adamah Sameach -Happy Earth Day!