Kesher – The Future of Jewish Renewal

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Many of us remember our first Jewish Renewal event as a moment when we began to experience Judaism more fully – from a soul-centered perspective. Some of us were drawn in by the connection to the tradition, new forms of expressing prayer, or a deep relationship with the Divine. Others were attracted by the warmth of being part of a holy community, the sense of our global interconnectedness, or by the amazing music!

The only way we will succeed in ensuring that this work will continue is to nurture our young adults. That is why we are asking for your help today to help offer small subsidies for 24 young adults to join the Kesher program at the 2013 ALEPH Kallah in Rindge, NH, July 1-7, 2013.

    -To inspire a new generation of Jewish Renewal leaders.

    -To strengthen and grow our warm, intimate, intergenerational community

    -Energize our commitment to Tikkun Olam,

     bringing healing to our contemporary world.

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The importance of this effort cannot be overstated. Aleph members and supporters have already helped build the vibrant Jewish expression that is Renewal – grounded in tradition and joy, with an egalitarian, socially progressive conscience.

Now we must sustain this work by offering opportunities for young adults to create their place in Jewish Renewal and articulate their Jewish journeys.

Kesher is a peer group of 18-32 year olds who gather within the larger learning community of Kallah to share stories and skills and much more.

Kesher means connection and the kesherites are the bridge between the youth and the Elders. Part of the Kesher role at Kallah is to be willing to mentor and receptive to being mentored.

Sarah Rohr, Kallah Kesher coordinator
Sarah Rohr, Kallah Kesher coordinator

“The strength of the kesher program comes in part from the community holding us accountable as young leaders and co-creators of present future. Kesher was an avenue for me to be a teacher amongst peers and be blessed by lasting friendships and lifelong connections”

-Sarah Rohr, 2013 ALEPH Kallah Kesher Coordinator

In order to make The ALEPH Kallah accessible for young adults, we are seeking to provide matching funds for 24 Kesherites at $360 per person.


A tax-deductible contribution to ALEPH of $360 will assist one motivated young adult in attending Kallah.

A contribution of any amount will help support the Kesher program.


We are also asking for donated airline miles to help with travel expenses to New Hampshire. To donate miles, please contact Sarah Rohr at or call 360-379-0501

Please donate at this link, or by check to:

ALEPH Alliance for Jewish Renewal
7000 Lincoln Drive #B2
Philadelphia, PA 19119-3046

Please indicate “Kesher Donation” in the memo line.

Please – won’t you help nurture worthy young adults in Jewish Renewal by sending your generous, tax-deductable contribution right now, while it’s still on your mind?!

With your support we will invigorate the existing structure of Jewish Renewal with new ideas and new visions!

Join us this summer!

Kol Echad: Connecting with the Divine Within and Around Us

The 15th International ALEPH Kallah

July 1-7, 2013 – Franklin Pierce University – Rindge, NH

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