PASSOVER: May Eretz Mitzrayim
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May Eretz Mitzrayim

“I am the Lord, your G-d who took you out of the land of Egypt
to be your G-d.”

This is an expression of the message of Passover.
G-d took us from slavery to freedom through His prophet Moses
and the ten plagues brought upon the Egyptians.
The triangular shape of an Egyptian pyramid in the lower left corner
is juxtaposed with the copper triangular image of Mt. Sinai.
The plagues are represented as circles in the pyramid with the last plague
wending its way through the desert to the place of the revelation of Torah.

The mark of blood red washing down the canvas on the left,
represents what the Hebrew slaves were told to do to their doorposts
to protect their households in Egypt from the tenth and final plague.
With red representing G-d, the color forms the Hebrew letter shin,
the first letter of one of G-d’s names, Shaddai: G-d Almighty.

Blue represents the greatest prophet, Moses, who led the slaves
out of Egypt and through the wilderness for forty years, as well.
The primary colors of red and blue allude to the primary forces in this
Passover story that were responsible for the Israelites becoming free men.
Passover is observed in the beginning (spring) of our Hebrew calendar.
The use of spring colors not only expresses the season but also the
renewal we experience as we examine our own personal enslavements.