ALEPH Leaders and Members Invited to Endorse Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Family Planning

This morning, the Religious Institute released an Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Family Planning. Thirty-eight national religious leaders from across the theological spectrum have joined together in urging universal access to safe, affordable, accessible, and comprehensive family planning services, including increased U.S. support for domestic and global programs. The Institute very excited about this statement and are working hard to use it to demonstrate broad religious support for access to contraceptive services.  ALEPH Executive Director Joe Laur has personally endorsed the letter and invites others of conscience to do the same.

The Religious Institute is seeking endorsements from ordained clergy, professional religious educators, theologians, and staff of religious institutions, and ask all of you to consider endorsing this statement. Please share with your networks!

The opening paragraph is as follows:

“As religious leaders, we are committed to helping all people thrive spiritually, emotionally,
and physically, which includes their sexual and reproductive health. Millions of people ground
their moral commitment to family planning in their religious beliefs. Most faith traditions
accept modern methods of contraception, and support it as a means of saving lives, improving
reproductive and public health, enhancing sexuality, and encouraging intentional parenthood.
Even within faith groups that limit or prohibit such services, the religious commitment to
freedom of conscience allows couples to choose contraception to intentionally create their
families. While there are strong public health and human rights arguments for supporting
domestic and international family planning programs, here we invite you to consider the religious
foundations for affirming safe, affordable, accessible, and comprehensive family planning services.”

You can read the full text of the Open Letter here: , and you or your organization can endorse the letter here: