Programs & Projects

Transformative Programs

  • The ALEPH Kallah: International week-long biennial festival of joyous Jewish learning, adult and children’s programming, music, art, drama with upwards of 800 enthusiastic participants.
  • Ruach Ha’aretz: Alternate year Jewish Renewal “encounter” retreat with creative educational programming for adults and families.
  • Kol Zimra: Chant Leaders Training Program. Sacred text becomes our modality for healing, community-building, deep inner exploration, the doorway into meditative states, cultivating midot, connection with the ancestors, with God and with our deepest truth.
  • Embodying Spirit, En-spiriting Body awakens and expands participants’ experience of the body as vehicle of the soul and as an expression of the Divine in all Four Worlds. Our core practice is allowing the somatic self to become the ground of prayer, learning, and teaching.
  • The Sage-ing® Mentorship Program teaches participants to become Sages and to mentor others in the work of Spiritual Eldering®; to become wisdom keepers and teach others how to discover their life’s wisdom; and to learn about the soul’s journey and guide others in their own soul’s progress.
  • Secrets My Grandmother Told Me: A Wisdom School is a journey of re-discovery, continuing a transmission of wisdom taught to Reb Nadya by her Grandmother.
  • Graceful Transitions. Learn to walk with people on their final journey. Acquire the skills and support necessary to care for yourself while giving the gift of compassionate companionship.
  • Adult and Birthright excursions to Israel.

Training Clergy & Lay Leadership

  • The ALEPH Ordination Program is a full-scale seminary utilizing intensive residential and distance-learning modalities to train rabbis, cantors, rabbinic pastors (chaplains), and spiritual directors.
  • Beit Midrash Distance Learning Program offers four levels of Hebrew instruction, Intro to Jewish Renewal and Reb Zalman’s Thought, as well as a practical and conceptual introduction to a spectrum of traditional Jewish beliefs and practices.
  • Lay Leadership Certificate Program. Grow as an educated, empowered, and inspirational lay leader in your Jewish community. Craft a mentored, distance-learning and retreat-based program unique to your calling – in liturgy and ritual, social change, teaching, the expressive arts… or something not yet imagined.

Outreach & Resource Development

  • Provide support to renewal communities worldwide, and offer renewal resources to all Jewish congregations and communities.
  • Enter into coalitions with Jewish environmental and peace organizations.
  • Publish the visionary works of Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and other Jewish renewal-inspired teachers — books, pamphlets, videos, educational curricula, siddurim, music, art.
  • Create Renewal curricula for projects that bring Jewish practice and halakhic (traditional) wisdom to ecology and sustainability endeavors.

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