Clarification on Recent New York Times Article

On Sunday, March 21, The New York Times ran an article titled “Access, Influence and Pardons: How a Set of Allies Shaped Trump’s Choices,” which wrote about how Donald Trump pardoned individuals by working with an organization named the “Aleph Institute.”
“Aleph” is a Hebrew letter that appears in the name of several diverse Jewish organizations. Our organization is “ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal.”
Readers are confusing these two organizations in ways that are disturbing and alarming to our staff and community.
We alert the NYT and our constituency with this notice that ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal has NO CONNECTION whatsoever with the organization called “Aleph Institute.”
Thank you.
Rabbi Aura Ahuvia, Chair of the ALEPH Board of Directors
SooJi Min-Maranda, ALEPH Executive Director