ALEPH High Holiday Appeal

Two weeks ago the silver crescent new moon of the month of Elul rose in the night sky. Now it is waxing full, and will soon give way as the new moon of Tishre readies itself to be born. Along with the moon, we too are traversing the month of Elul, leading to the High Holy Days which call us to personal and communal introspection and action.

I am the new Chair of the Board of ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal, and in undertaking this work I have come to appreciate ALEPH more than ever before, and to understand that it needs my support and the support of all of YOU, ALEPH’s co-creators, to sustain our work, to continue to live the legacy of our beloved Reb Zalman z”l, and to plant the seeds for the future. Our ALEPH programs and projects inspire responsible social action, spiritual transformation, deep connection with humanity and the earth, and a powerfully engaged Jewish spirituality and religious practice that enlivens and inspires.  ALEPH is, literally, Renewal.

Personally, I owe ALEPH so much.  It has given me a Jewish path of personal growth, self-awareness, compassion, celebration and renewal.  ALEPH has opened new pathways of Jewish expression to me, enabling a renewal of my capacity to live my life more richly and fully.  ALEPH created gatherings for prayer and celebration that brought the presence of holiness alive in the room and in my heart.  ALEPH has given me guidance as a spiritual seeker through the practice of Jewish Spiritual Direction. Because of ALEPH I have developed a meditation practice that brings me inspiration and serenity. And, I have found a holy community with you that I treasure.

There are many suffering in our world right now, and many organizations that are in need of our charitable dollars.  As I write these words, Houston is only starting to recover from Hurricane Harvey, Florida and other states are trying to assess the damage from Hurricane Irma and thousands in Bangladesh and India are struggling to recover from devastating floods.  I know that, as compassionate Jews, we will  respond to these needs during this critical time.  But, it is also my hope that you, who know that the spiritual needs of people are as real as their material ones,  will join me in helping plant the seeds of Jewish Renewal as a part of your giving.

We are looking to raise at least $180,000 in the year 5778.  Your support of ALEPH is integral to our ability to continue our holy work of spreading Jewish renewal around the world and furthering the legacy of Reb Zalman z”l.  Please contribute as fully as your financial circumstances allow.

Thank you.  Shanah tovah!  May each of you have a good and sweet New Year.

With Gratitude,



David Daniel Klipper
Chair of the ALEPH Board