Aleph Bass by Darshan

Just in time for Chanukah comes a new video from Darshan:

(Featuring ALEPH student Shir Yaakov Feit, alongside Eden Pearlstein, Tamer Pinarbasi, and Julian Pollack; the video was made by filmmakers Brian Savelson and Abbey Luck.)

The English lyrics (those which aren’t either a recitation of the mystical Hebrew alphabet, or part of standard liturgy) are below.


Letters are the building blocks of all of God’s creation
Kabbalistic keys unlock the heart of human nature
Metaphysic molecules of mystic nomenclature
Torah is the Tree of Life in musical notation

Speaking into being, existential occupation
For servants of the Source of Light and Root of Revelation
Reading into meaning, covenantal calibration
For students on the path of learning language liberation


Happy Chanukah to all!