Two Online Classes this August, open to all: Biblical Hebrew 101 and Themes of Jewish Mystical Tradition

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These ALEPH Ordination Program offerings are open to the general public; no prior permission is needed for registration.

Biblical Hebrew 101

Instructor: Rabbi Bob Freedman

Meeting Time: Monday 7 to 8:30 pm (eastern) — first meeting August 17, 2015 (13 weekly meetings)

Areas covered: nouns, study recognition and translation of the seven binyanim and weak (irregular) verbs and other topics. The course employs texts from Genesis, parashiot ha-shavuah, and siddur. The goals of these courses are a solid grounding in translation and interpretation of classical Hebrew texts.

If you think you would like to take the course, but don’t know if you are either not advanced enough or too advanced, please call Rabbi Bob Freedman at 609-921-1562 (New Jersey).

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Yesh Sod L’Dvar: Themes of Jewish Mystical Tradition

Instructor: Rabbi Laura Duhan Kaplan

Meeting Time: Monday 5 to 7 pm (eastern) — first meeting August 17, 2015 (13 weekly meetings)

This course is an engaged study of the development of Jewish mysticism, its symbolic universe, meditation practices, and social ramifications. While we will survey Jewish mystical traditions from the early Rabbinic period through the modern, the heart of the course is that many-branched (post)-medieval stream known as kabbalah.