Due Date Submission Extension for “The Wisdom of Reb Zalman” — 3/15/15

We heard you cry out to us in the wilderness: “We need more time!”
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photo by Alan Briskin

Accordingly the new submissions due date for the juried volume “The Wisdom of Reb Zalman” Schachter-Shalomi is March 15. True quotes, vignettes, stories, ritual moments, advocacy for feminism, tikkun olam, and neo-hassidism, and highlights from your transcriptions of his teachings that illuminate Reb Zalman’s ways of being in the world are invited, up to 1800 words. JPEG images of Reb Zalman facilitating ritual, teaching, hugging, davenning, etc. are welcome, as well. This is a juried volume and your name will be removed before your piece is reviewed.

Submissions to Reclaiming Judaism Press Publishing Assistant: Daniella Forstater at daniellasubmissions@gmail.com before review. Up to three submissions will be considered per person. Editorial team: Goldie Milgram and Shohama Wiener [Eds] with Rachel Barenblatt, Micha-el Esformes, Rodger Kamenetz and Arthur Kurzweil.