ALEPH Alliance Annual Report 2014: A New Era Dawns

This photograph of Reb Zalman Schachter Shalomi was taken by Alan Briskin in August, 2004. Reb Zalman was convening an initiative called Rishi involving a small group of individuals exploring subtle realms for the purpose of global healing. Alan is donating this print of Reb Zalman to bless his memory and further the great work of ALEPH. Please visit his website at to see his books on the stirring of soul and collective wisdom. You can also link to his full gallery of photographs.


  • Launch of the new website
  • Total Contributed Revenue: $328,391
  • Total Program/Service Revenue: $960,201
  • Total Reb Zalman Memorial Endowment Fund Contributions:  $32,848
  • Total Revenue: $1,288,593
  • Total Expenses: $1,242,588
  • Net Surplus: $45,465
  • Number of 2014 ALEPH members: 762
  • Affiliated Communities: 50
  • Remembering Reb Zalman: 600+ in person, 2000+ via webcast, $79,874 raised
  • End of Year Fundraiser: $61,842

2014 was more than a year of transitions. It was the end of an era and the dawn of a new period for ALEPH.

Remembering_RZWith the passing of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi z”l, we have entered a profound “coming of age” at ALEPH and in Jewish Renewal. As our Founder and beloved teacher has gone on to his “next deployment”, as he often put it,  the mantle of leadership of Jewish Renewal is now aleynu — upon us all.

Reb Zalman left no singular successor, but like a great oak, seeded many new trees to populate a forest of Renewal. Through the many transformational innovations and pioneering practices that he established, developed, or encouraged, from Deep Ecumenism to Davvenology, EcoKashrut to Sage-ing, Rabbinic Pastors to Chant Leadership, Reb Zalman’s spiritual DNA reached far and wide. Not just in Jewish Renewal circles, but across the Jewish and indeed the whole spiritual landscape. As the great teacher/poet Rumi reminds us, “When you’ve opened your loving to G!D’s loving, you are helping people you don’t know and have never met!” This was nowhere more true than in the paradigm shifting neshama/soul of Reb Zalman.

We were able to bring Reb Zalman home to Boulder via air ambulance after he fell ill in June, and he spent Shabbat twice more in his own home before he passed. This was of immeasurable comfort to both him and Rebbitzin Eve.  The planned 90th Birthday Celebration for Reb Zalman was held as Memorial Tribute Service, and was successful on many levels. Reb Zalman’s memory continues to be an inspiration, a comfort, and a blessing.

Staff Changes

We enter 2015 with new faces present on staff and some long time ones absent, as ALEPH restructured its staff and organization. ALEPH established an Executive Staff to collaboratively manage the day to day workings of the organization. The Executive staff consists of the Executive Director overseeing the entire organization; the Director of Operations managing the general operations office in Philadelphia and overseeing our entire operating structure; the Dean and Director of the ALEPH Ordination Programs overseeing our seminary; The Director(s) of Programs developing, coordinating and/or managing the many intensives, trainings, events, and programmatic aspects of ALEPH; and the Director of Engagement managing our outreach, messaging, website and social media presence.

In 2014 the contract position of ALEPH Kallah coordinator was reconfigured as an ongoing Events Coordinator.  Sally Plone and her assistant Sheri Levson left the ALEPH staff in spring and ALEPH rabbinic student Jessica Shimberg was hired late in the year to take on the new position. The Events Coordinator will help to manage Kallah, Ruach Ha’Aretz, and other events, under the umbrella of the Directors of Programs.

The positions of Associate Director and Director of Member Services were phased out in the reintegration, and the functions of the ALEPH Beit Midrash were shifted to other areas of the organization or retired. As a result, long serving staffer Rivkah Walton departed our Philadelphia office.

joe-and-shoshannaLastly, ALEPH Executive Director Joe Laur announced his intention to retire from ALEPH at the end of January 2015, and a new Executive Director, Shoshanna Schechter-Shaffin, was hired December 15th to overlap with Joe in his last weeks and take over the reins of the organization. As we emerge from this transitional period in ALEPH’s journey and enter a new era of growth and development under our new Executive Director, we offer a heartfelt thanks to all the departing and remaining ALEPH staffers who have served us this past year with blessings for a fulfilling future.

Integrated Budget Process

ALEPH adopted an integrated budget structure for fiscal year 2014-2015. This shift allows resources to flow more freely throughout the programs, projects and functions of the organization, and focuses on maximizing the whole system, rather than the parts. Adonai Echad, ALEPH Echad. ALEPH seeks to function as one integrated organization.

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi Legacy Endowment

We continued work on our endowment fund, beginning to build the structures needed to ensure ALEPH’s long term financial security. With funds set aside at the end of last year, and with generous effort from a key ALEPH supporter to establish and help fund named scholarship accounts. ALEPH is poised to lay down the financial foundation to keep Renewal renewing for the next 90 years in the post Reb Zalman era. In the coming years, we will be making a push to our members and supporters, to help build this fund through additional donations, legacy gifts, and bequests.

Our T’rumah Financial Aid Fund entered its second year of operation, to help support those who participate in our programs through direct financial aid. Through a modest registration fee on all programs and courses, and earmarking a percentage of operating surpluses and contributions, the T’rumah Fund seeks to ensure that no one is turned away from an ALEPH program for purely financial reasons.

Fund Raising

Our fundraising for FY 2014 exceeded its goals, raising nearly $330,000 in contributions, over 25% of our 1.3 million dollar budget. We held our expenses down, enabling us to report an overall operating surplus of over $45,000. We have reached 762 paying members and 50 affiliated communities in our network, with over 5,000 people on our mailing list.  Our year-end fund drive for 2014, for the fourth year in a row, set a new record, not only matching a $5,200 challenge from our Board of Directors, but exceeding our year end goal of $45,000; raising $61,842! That’s 137% of our goal, provided ongoing funding for our programmatic needs. Our membership not only matched, but surpassed the leadership gifts by a factor of twelve! We’ve raised over $32,000 in restricted funds to date for the Reb Zalman Memorial Endowment Fund, and our fundraising at the Remembering Reb Zalman Memorial Tribute Event brought in roughly $80,000 to support Reb Zalman’s legacy through ALEPH and the sustain the work of his office as Rebbitzin Eve Ilsen and personal assistant Mary Foster settle his affairs. Kol HaKvod to all of our supporters, staff, and Board who worked to achieve these milestones!

Social Media

The beautiful concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. Our Kol ALEPH online magazine was viewed over 42,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 16 sold-out performances for that many people to see it!

The top stories of the year were:

  1. Reb Zalman z”l (1924-2014)
  2. Remembering Reb Zalman — August 15-17 
  3. “The Emerging Cosmology” – Transcript of Reb Zalman at HH the Dalai Lama’s Roundtable 
  4. Reb Zalman and the Origins of Post-Holocaust American Judaism
  5. Welcome Shoshanna Schechter-Shaffin; ALEPH’s Incoming Executive Director 

Our Facebook Page and Twitter feed have over 2,000 combined followers, and the Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi z”l – Getting It Together, Together page on Facebook is still receiving tributes and blessings for our dear founder and teacher.

New Website

And the long awaited new ALEPH website is now launched and live at! The site, nearly three years in the making, is light years ahead of our old site, and is a bright reflection of and essential tool for the work of Jewish Renewal in the years to come.

ALEPH Programs and Projects

Rabbi Art Green remembering Reb Zalman

Reb Zalman’s Memorial Tribute Event

What was originally envisioned as a 90th birthday celebration, transformed into a stunning memorial tribute to this radical soul who touched so many lives and shifted so many paradigms. Over 600 souls attended in person and over 2000 participated via live streaming of Reb Zalman’s Memorial Tribute, making this one of the largest Jewish Renewal gatherings ever! This historic event was successful in all four worlds, providing support for Rebbetzin Eve Ilsen to conserve Reb Zalman’s work and legacy, providing support for ALEPH to continue its work of fostering Jewish Renewal worldwide, and filling many hearts, minds and souls with Reb Zalman’s presence, thought, and memory.

We  offer special todot/thanks and k’vod/honor — to the Planning Committee who volunteered long hours to design the program; the Host Committee who underwrote a large portion of the cost and made the event viable, the ALEPH staff who put in many hours, both on and offsite to make the logistics flow, and everyone in every Jewish Renewal corner of the world who spread the word, donated funds, and participated in some way.

Remembering Reb Zalman at the Boulder Theater, Photo by Janice Rubin
Remembering Reb Zalman at the Boulder Theater, Photo by Janice Rubin

Host Committee


Binah Block
Jack and Judith Lief


Helena Rachel Foster
Rabbinic Pastor David Daniel Klipper
Rabbi Yocheved Mintz
Rabbi Jeff Roth & Joanna Katz


Esther & Zeh Amarante
Andalin Alan Bachman
Judith Dack
Linda Jo Doctor & Rabbi Elliott Ginsburg
Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer
Lucinda Kurtz & Oran Hesterman
Linda Greene
Susan Raskin Abrams
Sara Schley & Joe Laur
Eliana Nadyne Lee
Jade Netanya Ullmann
Rabbi Jay Weinstein
Florence Witonsky

Program and Planning Committee

Rabbi Phyllis Berman
Rabbi Tirzah Firestone
Janice Rubin
Rabbi Elyse Seidner-Joseph
Special thanks Jeremy Parnes, ALEPH Board Chair and Judith Dack


David Brown, Director of Operations
Ming Shem Lu, Ordination Program Administrator & Program and Retreat Registrations
Lynda Simons, Finance and Membership Coordinator

Decorator of the Sacred Space at Omni and Boulder Theater

Rev. Sandy Pond
Jackie Olenick
Shelley Goldberg

We want to give a special call out those who taught and led the program over the weekend. They came on their own ticket, at their own cost, and gave beautifully to the kahal. They include:

Rabbi Arthur WaskowRabbi Rachel BarenblatRabbi Phyllis BermanRabbi Lori KleinRabbi Hannah DresnerRabbi Nadya GrossRabbi Victor GrossRabbi Tirzah FirestoneRabbi Marcia Prager

Cantor Jack Kessler

Rabbi Yocheved Mintz

Rabbi Shaya Isenberg

Reverend Bahira Sugarman

Rabbi Jeff Roth

Rabbi Michael Paley

Father Matthew Fox

Acharya Judith Lief

Rabbi Art Green

Chazzan Richard Kaplan

Sheldon Sands

Murshid Allaudin Ottinger

Rabbi Sarah Bracha GershunyRabbi Jack GabrielRodger KamenetzCantor Cindy FreedmanJanice RubinSharon AlexanderKaren RoekardAmitai GrossHal Aqua

Ben Cohen

Anthony Salvo

Eve Ilsen

Seth Fishman

Rabbi David Zaslow

Rabbi Elyse Seidner Joseph

Rabbi Burt Jacobson

Rabbi Jeff Roth

Rabbi Goldie Milgram

Rabbi Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin

Rabbi Leah Novick

Rabbi Elliot Ginsburg

Rabbi Chava BahleRabbi Diane ElliotShir Yaakov FeitRabbi Shalom SchachterRabbi Julie DananBarbara BreitmanRabbinic Pastor David Daniel KlipperShoshana CooperLinda Jo Doctor

Rabbi Anne Brener

Ellen Kaufman Dosick

Rabbi Wayne Dosick

Rabbi Ed Stafman

Rabbi Paula Marcus

Rabbi Tsurah August

Rabbi Raachel Jurovics

Denise Davis

Rhonda Shapiro-Rieser

Donald Gardiner

Rabbi Dan Gordon

Many blessings to you all. May the Source of All grant us peace and long life; may Reb Zalman’s soul soar ever higher, and his memory and legacy be allways for a blessing.

Beit Midrash

In 2014, the ALEPH Beit Midrash program integrated into our other programs, with the ALEPH Ordinations Program taking over responsibility for most of the distance-learning classes. ALEPH is working with OHALAH about taking responsibility for continuing education courses, as it makes more sense for the clergy association to handle ongoing education of its members. ALEPH also entered into an agreement with Kolbo Fine Judaica to handle book and other media sales, creating a special Jewish Renewal category on their soon to be launched new website. Watch for this launch in the near future. And ALEPH launched the definitive edited version of Reb Zalman’s “Psalms in a Translation for Praying,”  in spring of 2014. ALEPH Canada will continue to offer downloads of many of Reb Zalman’s and other seminal works.

ALEPH Canada

ALEPH Canada’s year was notable for its transitions, both minor and significant. This summer, with deep sadness and heavy hearts we said goodbye to our beloved Reb Zalman. Three Canadian congregations – in Vancouver, Regina and Montreal – joined with others around the planet in hosting community shloshim gatherings. Reb Zalman will be deeply missed even as his example continues to motivate us to continue the work of renewing Judaism in a universal context.

To honour the memory of Reb Zalman, and to further his living legacy, this year ALEPH Canada’s Rabbinic Director Rabbi Daniel Siegel announced the creation of the Integral Halachah Institute (IHI). The IHI replaces the ALEPH Beit Midrash as our major Canadian project. The focus of this institute will be the continuation of Reb Zalman’s sacred work in the areas of spiritual practices, ethical standards, and the routine challenges of trying to live our faith.

This year ALEPH Canada’s staff and board also underwent a number of transitions. We send our love and thanks to Rabbi Neil Rose and rabbinic student Susan Shamash for their contributions to the board over the past few years, and we welcome with great pleasure new board member Miriam Friedman, Executive Director of Beth Jacob Synagogue in Regina, Saskatchewan (and graduate of DLTI7!). We deeply appreciate the work of ALEPH Canada’s Board of Directors for their offerings of time, skills, and leadership. In July, Associate Director Ranaan Mallek resigned his staff position after accepting an invitation to be a rabbinical student at the Masorati Yeshiva in Jerusalem. With his departure, Sherril Gilbert was appointed by ALEPH Canada as Interim Associate Director.

In 2014, Reb Daniel retired from his two salaried positions with ALEPH in order to focus on his teaching and writing. With financial support from ALEPH Canada, Reb Daniel continued to offer new spiritual resources via his blog at, and worked on projects including a booklet for conversion and further development of Siddur and Machzor Kol Koreh.

Finally, this year, ALEPH Canada began a pan-Canadian visioning conversation to imagine and plan for the future of ALEPH and Jewish Renewal in Canada. Reb Daniel visited two communities in the fall of 2014 – B’nai Or Montreal Community Shul and Beth Jacob in Regina – and with Sherril Gilbert, will visit Or Shalom in Vancouver in January 2015 to facilitate and support these conversations.

ALEPH Ordination Program

Smicha_28A9580The ALEPH Ordination Program accepted one of our larger entering classes this 2014 year… welcoming four new rabbinical students, four new cantorial students, and two new rabbinic pastor students. The ALEPH Hashpa’ah Training Program entered Cohort IV with 18 new students, bringing our total enrollment up to 78 students.

Twelve students completed their studies in 2014, and they will be awarded their smichas at the Ordination Ceremony on Jan 11th 2015:

  • Richard Backer, (rabbinic)
  • Rebecca Kushner, (rabbinic)
  • Evan Krame, (rabbinic)
  • David Markus, (rabbinic)
  • Abby Michaleski, (rabbinic)
  • Lori Shaller, (rabbinic)
  • Rhonda Shapiro-Rieser, (rabbinic)
  • Shifra Tobacman, (rabbinic)
  • Rain Zohav, (rabbinic)
  • Daniel Kempin, (cantorial)
  • Steven Klaper, (cantorial)
  • Heena Reiter, (rabbinic pastor)

In addition OHALAH member Rabbi David Teva, a graduate of RRC, will be awarded a smicha from ALEPH  during the OHALAH conference of 2015 in recognition of further studies and in acknowledgement of his contribution to Jewish Renewal.

Smicha Ceremony 2014, Boulder
Smicha Ceremony 2014, Boulder, Photo by Janice Rubin

We entered 2014 with our famously festive Ordination Ceremony on the Sunday preceding the annual OHALAH conference. On January 12th 2014, eight Renewal clergy received their smicha.  In the presence of our beloved Reb Zalman z”l, ALEPH welcomed five new rabbis, one rabbinic pastors and two hazzanim into the cadre of ordained Renewal leaders:

  • Rabbi Bella Bogart
  • Rabbi Hannah Dresner
  • Rabbi Cynthia Hoffman
  • Rabbi Hannah Nathans
  • Rabbi Aura Ahuvia
  • Hazzan Cindy Freedman
  • Hazzan Leah Frey-Rabine
  • Rabbinic Pastor Joni Brenner

In addition OHALAH member Rabbi Keven Hale, a graduate of RRC, was awarded a smicha from ALEPH and Reb Zalman in recognition of his further studies and in acknowledgement of his contribution to Jewish Renewal.

The ALEPH Hashpa’ah Training Program certified and ordained its third cohort of 13 in January, 2014:

  • Rabbi Aura Ahuvia
  • David Aladjem
  • Rabbi Ilan Glazer
  • Rabbi Cynthia Hoffman
  • Nalini Indorf Kaplan
  • Evan Krame
  • Nadyne Eliana Lee
  • David Evan Markus
  • Shira Michael
  • Rabbi Sue Mauer Morningstar
  • Rabbinic Pastor Stephanie Tivona Reith
  • Rabbi Dr. Leslie Ann Schotz
  • Lori Shaller

Rabbi Dr. Leslie Schotz became the first ALEPH student to earn a D.Min. focusing on hashpa’ah from New York Theological Seminary as part of our joint program with them. We welcomed Rabbi Nadya Gross as incoming Director and Rabbi Shawn Zevit as incoming Associate Director of the ALEPH Hashpa’ah Training Program. Rabbi Shohama Wiener, the program’s Founding Director and Director for the first three cohorts, remains active on the Training Faculty, and will continue to serve all the ALEPH Ordination Programs as Rosh Hashpa’ah.

The Ordination Program continues to grow and evolve, now offering over 60 full-semester video-conference courses and courses offered at the ALEPH summer retreats Ruach Ha’Aretz, The ALEPH Kallah, and our own AOP Intensive Learning retreat, often called “smicha student week” or simply “ smicha week”  for short. Developing these courses includes embracing new teachers, reviewing and refining curricula and initiating new approaches in order to continually refine our performance and fulfill our mission. The Rabbinic Pastor Task Force completed its report and its recommendations have been the basis of several new courses and new approaches. We have embarked upon a comprehensive administrative and decision-making restructuring process based on our adaptation of Dynamic Governance, an organizational method designed to allow organizations to be more effective, transparent, and enjoyable, and to grow without sacrificing their commitment to democracy, accessibility and  high-level quality of engagement. This past year AOP was also able to appropriately increase remuneration for VAAD members and faculty, and create a more long-range view of the growth needs of the Program.

The Ordination Program Student Board has become an even stronger voice for students and has most productively collaborated with the VAAD on several significant matters pertaining to the success of the Program. The attractive and clear presentation of AOP in the new ALEPH website, and also its enhanced functionality, will greatly improve our visibility and ease of functioning.

C-DEEP/Kol Zimra Chant Leaders Program

Rabbi Shefa Gold; photo by Janice Rubin
photo by Janice Rubin

This year CDEEP: Center for Devotional, Energy and Ecstatic Practice, has seen the graduation of 20 new and amazing chant leaders from Kol Zimra 6, our first cohort to graduate from our new east coast home in Mendham, NJ. The nuns at this Episcopal Convent were so fascinated by our work there, that they asked Rabbi Shefa Gold to stay and teach them about the passion she expressed in through our shared Psalms. CDEEP  also began a new cohort – Kol Zimra 7,  comprised of 21 participants who began their journey of initiation in Santa Fe, NM. These rabbis, cantors, Rabbinic Pastors and lay leaders are from California, Texas, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, New York, Minnesota and Canada.

In August marked  the ten-year anniversary of Kol Zimra, celebrated with an Alumni retreat with participants from KZ1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Next year’s alumni retreat will include the new graduates of KZ6.

In addition to the Kol Zimra training, CDEEP will again be offering a week long silent retreat called Ecstatic Meditation that will be held at the Fitzgerald Retreat Center in Jemez Springs, NM. The Jewish practice of Devekut (defined by Yitzhak Buxbaum as God-consciousness imbued with love) inspires us to open to the vastness of the Infinite, while releasing the content of thought, moment to moment. During this week of chant and silence (August 10-16) we will connect to the Divine through the Earth, Water, Fire and Air in the glorious setting of the Jemez Mountains.

CDEEP is reaching out to younger and more tech-savvy leaders. In support of our practice, we have been developing a smartphone app called “Flavors of Gratefulness”, which will soon be available at the AppStore. With this app, you will be able to wake up to a new melody for Modah Ani each morning in order to set you on the path of gratefulness and generosity.

The ALEPH Sage-ing® Mentorship Program

The ALEPH Sage-ing® Mentorship Program had a busy 2014.saging photo

Part One  “Wisdom of the Heart” was taught as “Sage-ing® in Beauty: The Joys and Oys by Sage-ing® Co-Founders Co-directors Bahira Sugarman and Rabbi Shaya Isenberg July 7-13, 2014 at the Canby Grove Retreat Center in Canby, Oregon at Ruach Ha’Aretz Summer Retreat. Part One will be taught again July 2015.

Co-Directors Rabbis Victor and Nadya Gross taught Part Two, “Death as Home Coming: Life is the Answer” on end of life issues, in Tampa, Florida, January 27-February 1st, 2013, with Rabbi Shaya Isenberg and Bahira Sugarman attending.  The Grosses will again teach Part Two in Tampa January 18-23, 2015.

Part Three, the certification part of the ALEPH Sage-ing® Mentorship Program, includes two retreats, one at the beginning and one at the end of the program.

A Second Cohort for Part Three began October 20-25 2013.  All participants were required to take Part One and Two before applying for Part Three.

Their studies continued throughout the year, meeting four additional times via teleconference, meeting monthly in chevruta,  additional monthly meetings with their faculty advisors and engaging in community projects.

Three of the tele-course sessions, were co-taught by Rabbi Shaya and Rabbi Victor Gross, focusing on Jewish and other sources for Sage-ing®.  The fourth tele-course, taught by Co-Director Lynne Iser, focused on creating community as we grow older. ​In addition this group of twelve met via zoom for additional times to study Reb Zalman’s December Project and offer additional support for their projects.

​The Final five-day intensive for Graduation Week, was held October 19-24, 2014 at Pearlstone Retreat Center in Maryland where students  presented their inspiring community projects. It was a time of ever deepening learning and connection for us all. Faculty also presented cutting edge work in progress.

The Second certified Cohort of ALEPH Sage-ing® Mentorship Program Graduated October 2014 and were named Vatikim/Elders/Veterans by Reb Zalman:  Betty Adler – Chevy Chase, MD;  Esther Amarante – San Paulo, Brazil; Yesh Ballon – Palo Alto, CA; Shira Orit Flower Gross – Longwood, FL;  Shelley Goldberg – Hellerton, PA and Boynton Beach, FL; Eliana Nadyne Lee – Leitchfield, KY;  Rosemary Lohndorf – Louisville, CO; Connie Reider – Annapolis, MD;  Elca Rubinstein – Sao Paulo, BRAZIL; Sherry Laness – Kfar Sava ISRAEL; Meira Bracha Sumka – Silver Springs, MD; Ana Szutan – San Paulo, BRAZIL.

Graduates from both Cohorts are engaged in consciously continuing on their Sage-ing® journey in their communities.

Reb Shaya, Bahira and Lynne were honored in August at the Sage-ing® International Conference in Seattle as new members of the Council of Honored Sages for their foundational work over almost 3 decades and recipients of the Sage-ing® Pioneers Award.  Reb Zalman is acknowledged and honored as the Founder.  Reb Shaya and Bahira offered a workshop “New Perspectives on Forgiveness in Reb Zalman’s Thinking – and How We Can Teach It.”  Lynne offered a workshop “Becoming Elders in Our Emerging World and was on a panel discussion for “Sages in Service: Presence and Action”

A Third Cohort for Part Three is scheduled for October 2015.

Embodying Spirit, En~Spiriting Body Retreats

ESEBThe second cohort of Embodying Spirit, En~Spiriting Body (ESEB2) gathered for its first retreat, “Embodying Prayer,” the week of November 3-9, 2014, at Four Springs Retreat Center in Middletown California. The small but spirited group converged from around the country (Washington state, Oregon, northern California, Massachusetts, Colorado, New Mexico, and Virginia) to begin its transformative journey of moving Judaism together. Future retreats in this program include “Embodying Torah” (May, 2015), “Embodying Kabbalah” (November, 2015), and “The Sacred Dance” (May, 2016).

Although small in numbers, the new cohort was delighted to be together and excited by the work. Over the course of the next 18 months, they’ll be supporting one another to bring an embodied approach to Judaism into their home communities, where some serve as lay leaders and others work as Jewish educators. In addition to founding director Rabbi Diane Elliot, faculty include Latifa Kropf, Rabbi Ori Har, Simona Aronow, Julie Leavitt.

To offset expenses and support and further the work, a number of generous benefactors have stepped forward, including several graduates of the program. We were able to raise $4,400 for this first retreat, in addition to support from the ALEPH Terumah Fund, providing three members of the cohort with partial funding for the year.

In the words of participants:

“Such safety and love to be who we truly are and let that come through is a supported, resourced, and joyful community. Shabbat…the best ever experienced! I will never forget it…the climactic high point of the week.”

“The variety and depth of activities was striking. Excellent balance of personal and communal, of listening and doing, of movement and stillness, of sound and silence.”

Ruach Ha’Aretz 2014

Wisdom School Cohort 4
Wisdom School Cohort 4

Ruach Ha’Aretz welcomed a full house to its summer signature retreat in Canby, OR following the ALEPH Ordinations Program’s Intensive Study Week (Smicha Week) at the same location. The summer retreats were impacted deeply by the death of Reb Zalman – and many expressed gratitude for the opportunity to share in the loss with old and new friends, many who had been close students of our Rebbe, all who had been influenced in some way by his wisdom. The Ruach Kids program continued our tradition of amazing experiences for kids of all ages; returning program director, Mia Cohen and her co-director, Zev Friedman brought new vision and planted seeds for new traditions to emerge. Plans are underway for another Ruach summer retreat in 2015. Concurrent with the summer retreats, Ruach administered the start of Kol Zimra 7, and a Kol Zimra Alumni retreat in Santa Fe, NM, ongoing retreats for the Wisdom School fourth cohort in Colorado and a new (second) cohort of Embodying Spirit, En-Spiriting Body in California, and the second cohort of the Sage-ing® Mentorship Training. Registration is ongoing for Kol Zimra 8, to begin in May, 2015 in NJ and a C-DEEP Ecstatic Meditation Retreat in Jemez Springs, NM.

With changes to the organizational structure of ALEPH, Ruach Ha’Aretz co-Directors, Victor and Nadya Gross, assumed the role of Directors of Programs for ALEPH. All programs are now identified as ALEPH programs, and Ruach Ha’Aretz will refer to the summer retreat.

The Directors of Programs are thrilled to welcome Jessica Shimberg to the programming staff as the new ALEPH Events Coordinator.

Reb Zalman Airlift Home

Our beloved rabbi and founder, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi z”l, fell ill during Shavuot at the Isabella Freedman Retreat Center last June. In a wonderful collaboration, ALEPH and Yesod solicited over $25,000 from angel donors to fund an air ambulance transfer, and Adam Segulah Sher from Elat Chayyim Center for Jewish Spirituality/Hazon coordinated the logistics of the airlift.

Angel Med air ambulance carried Reb Zalman from St. Francis Hospital in Hartford CT, to Boulder Community Hospital to complete his recovery nearer home. He was able to transfer to his house soon afterward, where he spent his final days exactly where he wanted to be. This was of great importance to Reb Zalman and Eve; being home  eased both their spirits and blessedly though unforeseen, allowed Reb Zalman to pass peacefully in his own bed.

This was a wonderful collaborative effort by three organizations that support, and have been supported by, Reb Zalman and Jewish Renewal. The whole enterprise was planned, funded, and executed in just a few days. It’s amazing what can be done when we come together in love and avodah, not worrying who gets the credit. Reb Zalman was grateful and proud.

ALEPH Networked Communities and Havurot Worldwide

2014 saw 5 new communities join the ALEPH network to connect with the larger phenomenon of Jewish Renewal;

  • Eitz Chayim (Port Saint Lucie, FL)
  • Kavanat HaLev (Carmel, CA)
  • Kol Ḥai: Hudson Valley Jewish Renewal (New Paltz, NY)
  • Pioneer Valley Jewish Renewal Community (Western Massachusetts)
  • Rimon Resource Center for Jewish Spirituality (Berkshires, MA)

We welcome these communities and their members to the ALEPH network!

ALEPH affiliated communities
Check out the interactive map at



Ruach Hamidbar-Spirit of the Desert (Scottsdale/Paradise Valley/Phoenix)


B’nai Horin/Children of Freedom (Los Angeles)

Chadesh Yameinu (Santa Cruz)

Chochmat HaLev (Berekeley)

The Elijah Minyan (San Diego)

Shir HaYam (San Diego)

Kehilla Community Synagogue (Piedmont)

Shir Hashirim Minyan (Berkeley)

Makom Ohr Shalom (West Hills)

Kavanat HaLev (Carmel)


Nevei Kodesh (Boulder)

Pardes Levavot (Boulder)


Congregation P’nai Or of Central Connecticut (West Hartford)


Temple Adath Or (Davie)

Or Ahavah (Lutz)

Eitz Chayim (Port Saint Lucie)


Makom Shalom (Chicago)


Am Kolel (Beallsville)

East Bank Havurah (Baltimore/Central Maryland)


B’nai Or Boston (Boston)

Pioneer Valley Jewish Renewal Community (Western Massachusetts)

Rimon Resource for Jewish Spirituality (Berkshires)


Congregation Shir Tikvah (Metropolitan Detroit)

Pardes Hannah (Ann Arbor, Michigan)


Congregation Neve Shalom (St. Louis)


Congregation Beth Shalom (Bozeman)


Havurah Or Ha Lev (Long Valley)


Congregation Nahalat Shalom (Albuquerque)


Romemu (New York City)

Kol Ḥai: Hudson Valley Jewish Renewal (New Paltz)


Temple Or Olam (Concord)

Yavneh: A Jewish Renewal Community (Raleigh)


Havurah Shir Hadash (Ashland)

P’nai Or of Portland (Portland)


P’nai Or (Philadelphia)


Havurah P’nai Yisrael (Charlottesville)


Congregation Eitz Or (Seattle)


Shaarei Shamayim (Madison)



Temple Emmanuel (Sydney)


Jewish Congregation of Brazil — Chavurah Al Sfat ha-Yam (Rio de Janeiro)


Or Shalom (Vancouver)

Beth Jacob Synagogue (Regina)


Ohel Hachidusch (Berlin)


Nava Tehila (Jerusalem)


Jewish Community of Huanuco Beith Etz Chaim-Peru


Ruach Havurah (London)

2014 Members and Donors

Generations_ALEPHKallah_SMALL7633Thank you to everyone who supported ALEPH in 2014.

If you made a gift and do not see your name on this list, please contact David Brown at 215.247.9700 x26 or at We apologize for any omissions and will update the list immediately upon notification.

Supporters of the Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi Endowment for Jewish Renewal

(January 1 – December 29, 2014)

Susan Abrams

Mitzi Albert

B’nai Or of Boston

Gaston Bogomolni

Joan Boonin

Ester Brandon

Eve Brandstein

Lawrence Bronstein

Michael Cobb

Elizabeth Cohen

Harriet Cooke

Bonnie Cramer

Peggy Eagle

Eliyahu Eckelberg

Harriet Epstein

Barry Erdman

Ted and Harriet Fredman

Robert Freedman

Stan Friedman

Richard Gladstein

Zisha Gold

Stuart Joel Goldman

David Goldstein

Owen Gottlieb

Ori Har

Abigail Hirsch

Gloria Hoffman

Kristi Jalics

Ann Jory

Babak Kanani

Annie Klein

Debora Kohn

Latifa Kropf

Peter Kropf

Julie Leavitt

Laura Lippman

Dale Lupu

Steven Marcus

Anne Mazonson

Eric Mellis

Claudia Miller

Vanessa Ochs

Regena Peltan

Bruce Phillips

Karen Redgreene

Connie Reider

Naomi Robinson

Adrienne Rosen

Jenae Rubin

Zalman Schachter

Marlene Schwalje

Nancy Scott

Adam Sher

Daniel Siegel

Nina Sokol Katzin

Miriam Stampfer

Andrew Stone

Meira Bracha Sumka

Allen Togut

Joanne Tolkoff

Westchester Reform Temple

Myra White

Sandra Wortzel

Wendy Zerin

Rain Zohav

ALEPH Members and Donors (January 1 – December 29, 2014)

Jack AaronDavid AbramowitzHessie AbramowitzSusan AbramsBetty AdlerShayndel Adler-EldridgeMarthajoy AftAura AhuviaDavid AladjemLarry Bennett and Garland AllenHelaine AlpertSusan AltermanJose Amarante

Simone Amber

Nina Amir

Nina Amir Lacey

Matia Angelou

Jason Appt

Kenneth Aronowitz

Shari and Stephen Ashman

Ann and Mike Atkin

Tsurah August

Esther Azar

Alan Bachman

Richard Backer

Sarah Backer

David Backer and Sandy O’Day

Leslie Baker

Yeshaya Ballon

Karen Barad

Elise Barber

Rachel Barenblat

Philip Barer

Steven Barer

Joel Baron

Barry and Barbara Epstein Fund

Marim Bass

Janet and David Batlan

Kenneth Baum

Andra Baylus

Dennis Beck-Berman

Sarah Beck-Berman

Rosalyn Becker

Sara Becker

April Beer & Mick Gyure

Shira Belford

Deborah Benedict

Ralph Benmergui

Jeffrey Benson

Wendy Berk

Sharon Berkowitz

Tina Bernabo

Leila Gal Berner

Steve Berns

Alan Bernstein

Michael Berson

Bruce Birnberg

Martin Bloch

Binah Block

Bella Bogart

Evelyn Botkin

Aaron and Patience Bousel

Gail Braverman

Barbara Breitman

Anne Brener

Daniel Brenner

Joni Brenner

Diana Brewer

Deborah Brin

Virginia Brissette

Ellen Brock

Jacqueline Brodsky

Marla Brodsky

Caryn Broitman

Marcia Brooks

Morton Brooks

Susan Brooks

Stephanie Brown

Susan Brown

Jim Brule

Anita Buck

Beverly Buncher

Joan Burstyn

Simcha Burstyn

Mary Burton

C Sagan and B Morris

The Generations Fund Charles Schwab

Rita Karuna Cahn

Carol Caine

Jose Cantanhed

Lillian Caplan

Abby Caplin

Adalah Caplowe

Ileanah Carazo

Keren Chaya Carter

Naomi Cartwright

Rachel Meira Chmiel

Barbara Christiaans

Doreen Clark

Rivkah Coburn

Barbara Cohen

Beth Cohen

Bonnie Cohen

Diane Cohen

Eli Cohen

Eric Cohen

Jennifer Cohen

Judy Cohen

Meryl Cohen

Mia Cohen

Nancy Cohen

Richard Cohen and Elizabeth Gouverneur

Andrea Cohen Kiener

Adam Cohn

Jeffrey Coleman

Linda Coles

Congregation Beth El

Joan Cooke

Leigh Copeland

Bonnie Cramer

JoAnn Crown

Kathleen Cully

David Curiel

Alan Cushing

Judith Dack

Judith Dack

Melanie Dana

Julie Danan

Amy Danziger Tenenbaum

David and Barbara Sussman Philanthropic Fund

Denise Davis

Emily Davis

Judith Davis

Sarah and Austin de Besche

Scott Deetz

David deMoville

Dana Densmore

Dennis Mankin and John DeVincentis

Shoshanah Devorah

Patti DiWitz

Linda Jo Doctor

Avi Dolgin

Bill Dolman

Abbe Don

Irene Doniger

Art Donsky

Wayne Dosick

Hannah Dresner

Karen Dresser

Malka Drucker

Don and Michelle Drury

Ebsco Industries, Inc.

Blair Eddy

Dara Efron

Stephanie and Mark Eidelman

Matthew and Derek Eidinger

Rose Eidinger

Rob Wulff and Jim Eimers

Efraim Eisen

Cherina Eisenberg

Laurence Eisenstat

Mark Elber

Diane Elliot

Barbara Epstein

Julia Epstein

Nancy Epstein

Robert Esformes

Effron Esseiva

Andrew Ettin

Leigh Evans

Jeffrey Eyges

Shulamit Fagan

Shulamit Fairman

William Fairman


The Lisa and Ernest Auerbach Family Foundation

Doris Fasbender

Renee Faught

Hal Feiger

Lynn Feinberg

James and Deb Feiner

Michael and Susan Feinstein

Shir Yaakov Feit

Edward and Merle Feld

Fern Feldman

Marjorie Feldman

Mark & Shari Felix

Cheryl Fellows

Sarah Fife

Miri Fleming

Jody Forman

Helena Foster

Yonina Andrea Foster

Maxine Fraade

Nicole Frank

Ellen Frankel

Cindy Freedman

Paula Freedman

Robert Freedman

Leah Frey-Rabine

Judy Fried

Morton Friedlander

Saul Friedman

Pamela Frydman

Arthur Fuchs

Monica Fuchs

Nancy Fuchs Kreimer

Gordon Fuller

Alan and Joy Ganapol

Laurence Gardner

Gregg Garfin

Germeshausen Foundation

Patricia Gibbs

Sherril Gilbert

Elliot Ginsburg

Melvin Glazer

Barbara Glick

Samuel Gluskin

Dorie Godfrey

Kathy/Katyah Gohr

Shefa Gold

Lillian Goldberg

Goldblatt Fund of the Austin Community Foundation

Ruth Goldeen

Zelig Golden

Yehudit Goldfarb

Sheila Goldmacher

Jonathan Goldman

Andrew Goldman and Susan Heilbron

Deena Goldsmith

David Goldstein

Ruth Goldston

Ingrid Goldstrom

Judith Goleman

Susan and George Gomez

Sandra Gonzales

Gwen Goodkin

Robb Gordon

Owen GottliebEvlyn GouldHadar GrabelSarah GrafsteinAlan GreenDevora GreenSteven GreenLinda GreeneLioubov GriffinNadya GrossTeri GrossblattAmy Grossblatt PessahMarc Grossman

Stacy Grove

Sue Gurland

Chaya Gusfield

Ephraim Guttman

Lynne Haber

Andrew Hahn

Sonia Haimes

Kevin Hale

Halley & Ruth Anne Faust

Beth Hammer

Ori Har DiGennaro

Martha Hare

Igal Harmelin-Moria

Janne Harrelson, Deborah Weiner and Lucy Youyou Weiner Harrelson

Andrea Harris

Wynd Harris

Patricia Hayflich

Gabriella Heinsheimer-Gesher

Carolyn and Philip Henderson

Carol Hennessy

Ellen and David Epstein Herbert and Selma Chubin

De Herman

Robert Herman

Laurie Herscher

Ruth Hershler

Jan Herzog

Oran Hesterman

Pat Hickman

Thomas Hiermann

Alexis Chark Hill

Maury Hoberman

Cynthia Hoffman

Gloria Hoffman

Tobie Hoffman

Chester and Stephanie Hooper

Anita and Fred Hotchkiss

Bonnie Houghton

John Houvenagle

Shonna Husbands-Hankin

Wayne Steinman and Sal Iacullo

Ivan Ickovits

T’mimah Ickovits

Eve Ilsen

Caroline Isaacs

Shaya Isenberg

Meira Itzkowitz

Judith Izen

Karin Jackalin

Roberta Jackel

Eloise Jackson

Joshua Jacobs-Velde

Burt Jacobson

Sharon Jaffe

Elana Jagoda Kaye

Elizabeth Jameson

Jewish Communal Fund Diane M. Sharon Philanthropic Fund

Joan and Laine Schipper

Meryl Joblin

Michael Joblin

Myra Johnson

Carol Johnston

Ann Jory

Beverly Joyce

Raachel Jurovics

Ruth Kagan

Clifford Kahn

Kathy Kahn

Shayndel Kahn

Ann Kanter

Henry Kanter

Edward Kaplan

Laura Kaplan

Erica Katz

Susan Katz

David Kauffman

Judith Kaye

Irwin Keller

Josh Keller

Daniel Kempin

Caryn Kenin Family

Richard Kessler

Jeffrey King

Steve Klaper

Elisa Klapheck

Cheryl Kleefeld

Annie Klein

Lori Klein

Barbara Klein and Barry Pupkin

Barbara Klipper

David Daniel Klipper

Allegra Kochman

Gary Koenigsberg

Sally and George Kohn

Debora Kohn-Lerner

Debra Kolodny

Bonnie Korman

Evan Krame

Marilyn Krame

Susan Krame

Zach Krame

Mary Blye Kramer

Joy Krauthammer

Ronald Kreisman

Suri Krieger

Peg Krome

Latifa Kropf

Judith Kummer

Lucinda Kurtz

David Kushner

Leah Kushner

Lucy Rebecca Kushner

Philip and Judy Kushner

Gayle Lacks

Sharonah Laemmle

Diane Lakein

Sharon Landes

Hannah Laner

Diane and Ingemar Lanevi

Rachmiel Langer

Sarah Lanzman

Lasko Family Foundation

Joseph Laur

Lance Laver

Maria Laylin

Jessica Leash

Eliana Lee

Joe Lee

Leeder Family Philanthropic Fund, Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund

Harold Leftwich

Allen Leider

Leizerman Foundation

Orna Ariel Lenchner

Richard Lenson

Evelyn Lerner

Lynn LeRose

Eli Lester

Diane Levine

Larry and Susan Levine

Lisa Levine

Shelley Levine

Eyal Levinson

Frank Levy

Frank Levy

Miryam Levy

Stanley Levy

Yehudi Lindeman

Wendy Linderman

Laura Lippman

Ardele Lister

Ardele Lister

Dara Lithwick

Roxanne Littner and Roy Rubinfeld

Shafir Lobb

Christopher Long

Lostand Foundation, Inc.

Amy Love

Robert Lowe

Marcia Luccock Gofsky

Shandra Luckey

Joe Lukasik

Diana Lynn

Alicia Magal

Arthur Mainster

Bertrand Malo

Philip Mandelkorn

Jason Mann

Heidi Mannis

Anna Maranta

Victor and Sylvia Margolin

Jeffrey Marker

Neil Markowitz

David Markus

Rhonda Mason

Anibal Mass

Alexander Massey

Annie Matan Gilbert

Joanna Mauer

John Kurt Mayer

Barbara McCaffry

Bena Medjuck-Bruckner

Felicia Mednick

Howard Menaker

Patricia Meyer-Peterson

Rahmaneh Meyers

Shira Michael

Abby Michaleski

Meredith Milet

Goldie Milgram

Randall Miller

Michael Mininsohn

Priscilla Minkin

Yocheved Mintz

Lisa Mitchell

Shoshana Mitrani-Knapp

Reuben Modek

Caren Monastersky

Amy Mook

Andrew and Thomas Moran

Michael and Mary Beth Dreske Moran

George Mordecai

Leana Moritt

Howard Morningstar

Sue Morningstar

Baruch Bruce Morris

Shirin Morris

Shirin Morris

Shirin Morris

David Morris and Eric Norman

Hallie Morrow

Mary Ellen Movshin

Ziva Moyal

Chanina Mugier

Sandra Mullings

Musinsky Krieger Fund

Dove Nasir

Hannah Nathans

Paulo Neuhaus

Neysa Nevins

Robyn Newhouse

Darla Newman

Irving Newman

Nancy Newman

Leah Novick

Mindy Novick

Avery Okin

Joyce Oliner

Seth OppenheimerOr Zarua ChavurahAllan OsterLinda OwenP’nai YisraelSharon Page-MedrichMichael PaleyJeremy ParnesMelvin PasternakTracy PatchAngelo “Pat” PattersonSharon PearlRoger Perilstein

Nina Perlmutter

Menuhah Peters

Maureen Phillips

Lester Picker

Jacquelynne and Marvin Pilo

Sandy Pond

Paula Popper

Jeff Portman

Marty Potrop

Anne Prahl

Jane Rabin

David Rafsky

Rayzel Raphael

Sharma Rapoport

Erin Raskin

Martin Rawlings-Fein

Jalda Rebling

Karen Redgreene

Connie Reider

Victor Reinstein

Heena Reiter

Stephanie Tiv’ona Reith

Sandy Resis

Resonance Women’s Chorus

Lance Rhodes

Susan Richards

Linda Rifkin

Beverly Rimer

Renee Robbins

Maria Robinson

Marian Rocker

Jessi Roemer

Lex Rofes

Rene Rose

Marian Rosen

Joyce Rosen Friedman

Mark Rosenberg

Roberta Rosenberg

Oscar Rosenbloom

Charles Rosenblum

Randa Rosenblum

Ruth Rosenblum

Susan Rosenblum

Charna Rosenholtz

Ken Rosenstein

Edna Ross

Jeff Roth

Arik Rothman-Labowitz

Stephanie Rowden

Michele Rozansky

Anna Rubin

Janice Rubin

Michal Rubin

Elca Rubinstein

Franna Ruddell

Alice Rudnick

Kathryn Ryan

Patricia Ryan

Hettleman J. Cantor/ The Irrevocable Ahava Trust

Lisa Saffron

Naomi Saks

Phyllis Saltzman

Jan Salzman

Betsy Samuelson Greer

Laurie Sanford

Eva Sax-Bolder

Susan Saxe

Jennie and Birdi Schacht

Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Lynna Schaefer

Basya Schechter

Kellie Scheer

Devora Schiff

Zina Schiff

Joel Schipper

SaraLeya Schley

Philip Schlossberg

Chaim Lieb Schneider

Susan Schor

Leslie Schotz

Helen Schouborg

Peninnah Schram

Dale Schreiber

Jeffrey Schulman

Deborah Schuman Wohl

Arlene Schuster

Jorian Schutz

Schwab Charitable Fund – DDK

David Schwartz

Phil Schwarz

Mary Schwarzbart

Leonard and Mary Scott

Audrey Seidman

Elyse Seidner-Joseph

Shosh Seligman

James Sell

Gerald Serotta

Lori Shaller

Robert, Jill and Rachel Shaller

Susan Shamash

Elaine Shapiro

Renee Shapiro

Rhonda Shapiro-Rieser

Diane Sharon

Rachael Shea

Carrie Shepard

Adam Sher

Sherwin B. Rubin Fund

Jessica Shimberg

Sue and Ross Shipp

Shirhat HaNefesh

David Shneyer

Amy Shutkin

Nicky Silver

Steven Silvern

Charles Silverstein

Richard Simon

Jennifer Singer

Marc Sklar

Deborah Slavitt

Debra Smith

Debra Smith

Robert Smith

Nancy Snyder

Araya Sol

Eric Solomon

Joan & Arthur Solomon

Sheryl Sorokin

Eugene Sotirescu

Sidney Sperberg

Patrice Spitz

Ed Stafman

Miriam Stampfer

Randi Stein

Dorith Steinberg

Janice Steinberg

Ahouva Steinhaus

Eric Stern

Shula Stevens Calmann

Susan Stewart

Gavriel Strauss

Mark Strunin

Christine Sublett

Bahira Sugarman

Meira Bracha Sumka

Karin Susskind

Barbara Sussman

Ira Sussman

Louis Sutker

Sarah Taub

Eric Teitel

Sivan and Matt Teitelman

Jay Telrav

Temple Beth El

Temple Beth El of City Island

Temple Or Olam

Temple Sholom

Marc Terebelo

Stephen Ternyik

David Teva

The Boston Foundation – Belle Linda Halpern Family Fund

The Lief Family Charitable Fund, Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Shulamit Thiede

Sally Thorne

Gail Tishman

Shifrah Tobacman

Ellen Tobe

June Torrance

Gerdy Trachtman

Ellen Triebwasser

Barbara Turner

Susan Ullman

Ullmann Family Foundation, Inc.

Matthew van der Giessen

Judith Vanderryn

Marilyn VanPraag

Will Verbits

Judy Vida

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Alan Wagman

Moshe Waldoks

Norma Walton

Vanessa Waxman

Ellen Weaver

Gwen Weil

Peter Weiler

Sheila Weinberg

Uziel Weingarten

Jay Weinstein

Yosi Weintraub

Phyllis Weisbard

Robert Weissberg

Henry Werch

Avi West

Don White

Stephen and Nan White

Barbra Wiener

Shohama Wiener

Ira Wiesner

Audrey Wile

Susan Windle

Pecki Witonsky

Abraham Wolf

Greg Wolfe

Richard Wolff

Laurie Wolko

Carl Woolf

Rachael Wooten

Sandra Wortzel

Jim Wright

Lori Wynters

Greg Yaroslow

Gregory Yaroslow

Linda and Razi Yitzchak

Barbara Zacky

George Zarella and Family

Jonathan Zasloff

David Zaslow

Paul Zeitz

Shawn Zevit

Chanah Zimmermann

Rain Zohav

Terri Zweig

Nancy Sprince and Craig Zwerling