In Tribute: Rabbi Judith Z. Abrams, z”l

According to her daughters, Judy was very clear about her epitaph, “Did you say your b’racha?” Because, it is only in this world that one is able to make a blessing.

Rabbi Judith Z. Abrams’ funeral was held at Congregation Beth Israel in Houston, Texas on October 24, 2014. This recording contains the voices of Rabbi David Lyon, Ruth Abrams, Hannah Abrams, Rabbi Joseph Radinsky, Rabbi Barry Gelman, and Cantor Daniel Mutlu:

Rabbi Judith Abrams demonstrated excellence and innovation in Talmud study. She was one of the first teachers hired by the ALEPH Ordination Program. With brilliant insight and humility, she brought life to the work of centuries of rabbis and gave it meaning. Whether in person, over the phone or by video conference, her humor, enthusiasm and joy in her work was infectious and gave many students a deep appreciation of the Mishna and Gemara and the dozens of ancient rabbis she so lovingly referred to as “my guys”!

Her husband, Steve Abrams, wrote to the ALEPH community: “Please let your members know that they are welcome to send any remembrances directly to me or to the children. I may be reached at, and can forward any notes to our children Michael, a lawyer in Houston, Ruth, a medical student in Dallas and Hannah, a college student in Houston.”

She was a 1999 recipient of the prestigious Covenant award which honors those who have contributed creatively to the transmission of Jewish knowledge, values, and identity.

ALEPH will continue to carry forward the blessed memory and work of “Reb Judy” for generations of students and teachers alike. Her family intends to maintain her website, Maqom, dedicated to the spiritually enlightening and intellectually honest study of Jewish texts.

May her neshama rise ever higher, and her memory be always for a blessing.