Rabbi Wanted: Or Shalom Synagogue, Vancouver, BC

Or Shalom Synagogue Rabbi Wanted

Job Posting

Or Shalom of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada seeks a rabbi to lead our creative, egalitarian, traditional and participatory 36 year-old congregation.

We seek a rabbi with five qualities that we believe to be most important to us:

The ability to inspire: a leader who can engage and ignite the imagination of the membership, a person who has a vibrant and creative vision about the role and function of the synagogue for our diverse, multi-dimensional congregation; a strong leader who has the intuitive understanding, tact, presence and influencing skills to implement that vision by navigating the traditions of the congregation and the demands of contemporary Jewish realities; a communicator who is unafraid to be a voice of social justice inside and outside the Jewish community when needed; and an innovator who has a history of bringing positive change to past congregations and/or Jewish institutions.

The ability to establish and foster a spirit of community: a rabbi who is warm, authentic, compassionate, caring and accessible; a Jewish leader who builds relationships between themselves and members and is invigorated by these frequent interactions, an impassioned listener who meets people where they are at in life.  A rabbi who can engage and inspire the younger demographic that is our congregation’s future

The ability to interpret Judaism in meaningful and relevant ways: a rabbi who is committed to helping Jews find pathways to evocative, compelling and diverse spiritual experiences; a worship leader who is equally comfortable with the needs of the congregation in Hebrew and in English; and a thinker who grapples with the meaning of God and of life, and who engages, challenges and provokes Jews in their own spiritual journeys and sense of purpose.

The ability to advise and to teach: a wise counselor who possesses in-depth Jewish knowledge, and stays current with emerging trends, discussions and research throughout the Jewish world; a rabbi who has familiarity and facility with primary sources, and who can teach students/members with a broad range of backgrounds and varying Jewish frames of reference; a mentor who blends facts, values and maturity to influence using persuasion rather than authority both one-on-one and in groups; a thought-provoking, engaging speaker who embodies their convictions about contemporary issues, Jewish values and Torah commentary with enthusiasm and precision; an active listener who seeks to understand; an influencer who can comfortably manage conflict when necessary.

The ability to provide pastoral counseling and spiritual direction:  a rabbi who listens deeply to members with spiritual problems and pastoral challenges;  a counselor, healer and spiritual caretaker who provides spiritual advice and pastoral counseling in the Jewish tradition and who refers when appropriate to clinical resources in the community.

The most important priorities of our rabbi are to:

Invigorate the membership experience: Engender an atmosphere of belonging, inclusiveness, participation and mutual support for all our diverse members; use the pulpit to stimulate and inspire through thoughtful, noteworthy commentary and insight; implement programming to engage less active members (in-reach).

Build upon Or Shalom’s Jewish spirituality, education, observance and participation: Be a religious motivator who encourages and reinforces the values and reward of Jewish observance; utilize Or Shalom’s egalitarian values, musical heritage and religious program traditions to their full potential.

Continue to foster a sense of community: Build connections and relationships with congregants, participate in Jewish lifecycle events and chagim with families; possess the ability to delegate; maintain strong long-term relationships with lay leadership and the Or Shalom Board based on trust and open communication; collaborate closely with lay leaders to understand membership priorities, and set strategic directions.

Please see http://orshalom.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/or-shalom-rabbi-job-description1.pdf for a complete job description.

This is a full time position with a competitive salary and an excellent benefit package.

Candidate Eligibility

Or Shalom is affiliated with ALEPH:  Alliance for Jewish Renewal.  Candidates must have rabbinic s’micha recognized by OHALAH:  The Association of Rabbis for Jewish Renewal.

About Or Shalom Synagogue

Or Shalom is an egalitarian, LGBTQ positive community.  We believe in spiritual growth, learning, creativity and innovation, inclusivity, tradition, gemilut chesed, tikkun olam and tzedakah, synagogue sustainability and connecting to the larger Jewish world.  We seek a rabbi whose values align with ours.

Please see http://orshalom.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/or-shalom-profile3.pdf for a congregational profile of Or Shalom.


Situated on Coast Salish territory in the west coast of Canada amidst mountains, beaches and old growth rain forest, Vancouver has a thriving Jewish community with many diverse Jewish organizations and community events.

Start Date   

Flexible.  Ideally, July 1, 2015.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should email the following to rabbisearch@orshalom.ca with “Permanent Rabbi Application” in the subject line:

  • A cover letter outlining why you are interested in this position and highlighting your relevant experience,
  • A resume or CV,
  • A recent writing sample such as a d’var Torah, a blog posting, or an article,
  • A five minute video illustrating your musicality such as leading davening, a niggun or a piyyut.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The deadline for applications is August 8, 2014.   

For More Information

Please visit www.orshalom.ca for more information about the Or Shalom community.  Questions or comments may be directed to the Rabbi Search Committee at rabbisearch@orshalom.ca.