Reb Zalman is going home to Boulder! Baruch HaShem!



Our beloved rabbi and founder, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, has improved greatly and is being transported this morning by Angel Med air ambulance from St. Francis Hospital in Hartford CT, to Boulder Community Hospital to complete his recovery nearer home. This is of great importance to Reb Zalman and Eve; being near home will ease his spirits, and speed and deepen his healing and recovery.

ALEPH and Yesod solicited over $25,000 from angel donors to fund the air ambulance transfer, and Adam Segulah Sher from Elat Chayyim Center for Jewish Spirituality/Hazon coordinated the logistics of the airlift. If you live between Connecticut and Boulder, you can wave to Reb Zalman as he flies over head!

This is a wonderful collaborative effort by three organizations that support and have supported by, Reb Zalman and Jewish Renewal. The whole enterprise was planned, funded, and executed in just a few days. It’s amazing what can be done when we come together in love and avodah, not worrying who gets the credit.

To send Reb Zalman and Eve your continued support, love and thoughts, go to their CaringBridge website. If you wish to give tzedakah to help support Reb Zalman’s work directly, donations can be made to ALEPH for the Manse account, which directly supports Reb Zalman’ and his work. Those donations for his support are needed now more than ever. Indicate in the comments portion that your donation is for the Manse account.

We will let Reb Zalman know about all the support in all forms he has received during this health crisis, which Baruch HaShem, is headed in a good direction. May we all dance joyfully at Reb Zalman’s 90th birthday, and many more thereafter!


Joe Laur
Executive Director