M.O.M. & P.O.P…. Move Our Money, Protect Our Planet

Rabbi Arthur Waskow and The Shalom Center have gathered a treasury of resources to help “Jewish households, congregations, seminaries, communal and denominational bodies, and other institutions to Move Our Money to Protect Our Planet.”

To Move Our Money (MOM) and Protect Our Planet, we call on the Jewish community to –

  • MOM away from purchasing oil and coal-based energy and moving instead, wherever possible, to buy energy from wind and solar sources.
  • MOM away from savings and checking accounts in and credit cards issued by banks that are investing our money in Big Carbon, moving it instead to community banks and credit unions;
  • MOM away from actual investments in the stocks and bonds of death-dealing Big Oil, Big Coal, and Big Unnatural Gas, and move it instead to investments in stable, profitable solar and wind-energy companies and in community-based enterprises that help those who suffer from asthma and other diseases caused by Big Carbon;
  • Organize our congregants and members to insist that local and state governments similarly MOM – often in large pension funds – from investments in death to investments in life.
  • Insist that Congress MOM – money we pay in taxes – away from subsidies to Big Oil, Big Coal, and Big Unnatural Gas, and instead to supporting research, development, and production of life-giving renewable energy.