Ruach Ha’Aretz — July 7–13, 2014

Rabbis Nadya & Victor Gross at Ruach Ha'Aretz
Stunningly beautiful Canby Grove Retreat Center

at Canby Grove Retreat Center in Canby, Oregon

M’lo Kol Ha’Aaretz K’vodo:
The Beauty of Creation and the Creation of Beauty

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Join us for a week-long retreat with wonderful classes, featuring many of your favorite Jewish Renewal teachers, musicians, and artists, plus fabulously fun and creative programs for children, this year to be led by Mia Cohen and Zev Friedman.

The Ruach Ha’Aretz summer retreat is an exciting, joyful, and nurturing Jewish renewal experience filled with music, play, sports, crafts and davvening as a deeply personal expression.

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215-247-9700, ext. 18