Omer Poem: Sacred Harvest by Rabbi Leila Gal Berner

Forty-nine days,
wandering in the wilderness
newly-birthed to
moving toward
where the Holy One
will entrust us with
the Teaching.

So little time
to bring in the harvest,
to gather the sheaves
that nourish our bodies
as Torah sustains our souls.

Forty-nine days
to learn to walk,
so little time,
to grow  —
from frailty to strength,
from enforced servitude to joyful service.

Each day we count
one more day.
Each day we add
one more sheaf.
Each day we are
one day closer
to the Mountain,
one day closer
to sacred embrace
trembling hearts.

Teach us,
God of the Mountain,
God of the Teaching,
to cherish each day,
that our hearts
may be filled with
Your Wisdom,
that our
souls may bring
our freedom harvest
to You,
that our hearts
may receive
Your abundance.

—Rabbi Leila Gal Berner