Pesach psalm by Rabbi Adalah Caplowe

Anselm Feuerbach's Mirjam, 1862Psalm 109
We enter the scene with tambourines in hand,
bells on our fingers, hair combed and perfumed,
colors vivid in the night air.
Scents and glances, smiles and rejoicing.
The nightingale sings with us,
the dove joins our frolic.
The apples, the oranges, the pears,
the grapes, the figs, the olives
all join us in our feast of joy.
As the sun greets the horizon we join hands
joyous song to the rising of the warmth on our faces,
joyful noise unto G-d,
another day to bless us and be blessed
as we bless and sing and clap and raise our feet to dance.


First published in Psalmaday by Rabbi Adalah Caplowe.