Pesach poem: Bechol Makom by Annie Gilbert

El Pulpito (Noruega)

El Pulpito (Noruega)Oh God
I am almost afraid to look over my shoulder
To see how far I’ve come
The expanse seems impossibly wide
And yet
Here I am
Singing Your Name
Surrounded by love and family
Breathing hope in and out
I raise my eyes to the horizon and it feels so close
I am giddy with relief
Your sea is calm now at our backs
The line of the brown rocks
From which we leapt
Only hours ago
Seems a distant memory
This moment is all joy and wonder
We sing and we sing
Circles within circles of men and women and children
All filled up with Your name
With Your praises
Our hearts are full
Our lives are Yours
We lift our eyes to You
And know we have arrived at the beginning
Of greatness
We have set our feet firmly on Your path
The one that leads straight to Your door
To our true home
To our destiny
To You and to us
Inside each other
Together in each moment
At last.


Annie Gilbert is an ordained Kohenet. Find her online at